Dressing Table Reorganised

Today I took on the task of re-organising my Dressing Table/Vanity Table, I mean it’s the place I spend the majority of my time & where all my hard earned money goes, so it at least needs to look good.

Over the years I’ve let it get incredibly messy – the beautiful white paint was covered in different shades of foundation, smears of lipstick and bits of black eye liner got fucking everywhere… how the hell does that stuff leave marks on everything, my carpet is covered in lines of eyeliner… does anyone else have that problem?

So, I brought myself some plastic table cover from good old John Lewy, for easy wipege. I made my poor husband measure it out, cut along the edges and stick it down whilst I looked over his shoulder the entire time, commenting on wether he had done it correctly or not… mostly not, I joke he did a great job. I then brought a couple of succulents, mainly because I like saying succulent.. “babes check out my succulents” – it’s how I like to greet people now, some acrylic draws for storage and it looks amazing. It was a really cheap way of making my sacred place look clean, organised and beautiful.


I am going to do some other posts on my favourite/worst items of make-up, hair care, skin care because I have lots of it… so stay tuned in.

Abby x


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