My Husband; ‘Are you going to write about me’

Yes darling Husband I am going to write about you, especially now you have provided me with such wonderful photos…

I met Dan at work in 2012, I thought he was beautiful like a James Corden/Chris Hemsworth mash up and not going to lie… I wanted to see him naked.. Whenever he came into the Office (he was Field Based) I would get all fluttery, red  & my colleagues would urge me to email him but I never did… I then got into another relationship, a person I was going to marry, I moved to a different company and I didn’t see him for a few years.

In April 2015 he came back into my life through mutual friends, we hit it off right away (I finally saw him naked), started a relationship and fell in love very quickly. I knew from the beginning he was the one. I think because we both had been in serious relationships beforehand where we were hurt pretty badly, we knew what we wanted and what we didn’t.

We got married in July 2016 15 months later.

Yes, this all happened quickly but why should there be time constraints on love? Who defines when you should fall in love, how long it should take for you to get married or get pregnant. The answer is, you.

Love is the most wonderful thing. Don’t be afraid to love quickly because you’ll only regret not loving someone sooner.

So Dan, my best friend, my soul mate, the person I can truly by myself with, who will listen to endless amounts Disney songs, who takes me for everything I am and loves me regardless… I will write about you because you are the reason I write.


A x


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