Skin Care Routine

Girls & Boys if I teach you nothing but this, I will be happy… look after your skin!

As I am approaching the big 30 it is becoming more and more important for me to look after the skin upon my round face, if I can avoid being a wrinkly ball sack head then fuck me I will do everything!

I have extremely oily skin, which I think as I get older will be a benefit, however as youth and somewhat still now,  it is an absolute nightmare. Spots. Greasy fucking chip fryer forehead. Make Up sliding off my face faster than snow falling in an avalanche. Horrific mate. HORRIFIC.

Due to this, I have tried many different products and perfected my Skin Care Routine to limit the greasy head situation. I am now I happy to say I am greasy no more!


I complete two stages of cleansing, one to initially remove my make up and the second to wash my face. My face doesn’t feel completely clean if I wash my face to remove my make up… know what I mean?

Step 1

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for Oily Skin – £5

I absolutely love this product, it removes all of my make up so easily but it just feels like you are using water. There is no harshness, fragrance or anything that irritates the skin – great value for money and leaves your skin feeling make up free, refreshed and non-irritated.

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser – £18

This cleanser is great for washing your face and ensuring every scrap of dirt and make up is removed. The key is in the name with this product, it is gentle but makes a good lather so skin feels deeply cleansed but without it being irritated. Yes, it isn’t cheap but because it is a thick consistency and lathers up really well you only need a small amount making it last a long time. If you can, give it a try – definitely worth the money.


I also have two Toner’s that I use – one for every day use and the other I use every other day as it has glyoclic acid.

Everyday Toner – Clarins Toning Lotion – £18

I use Toner for pore control & for my make up to sit better on my face (as I said earlier, greasy) and this one is great, minimises my pores and mattifies my face. It is soothing, cooling and makes my skin feel tighter, love it.

Alpha H Liquid Gold £33.50

There is a reason why this Holy Grail of a product has so many outstanding reviews.. it really really works. Since using it about 8 months ago, my skin is clear, pores visibly reduced, tighter, make up lasts and there is noticeably less oil. Again, it isn’t cheap however it is worth every penny. It lasts ages (I haven’t purchased another bottle yet) as you only use it once every two days, and trust me it works!


I have used so many different Moisturiser’s over the years, some great, some amazing and some awful. A lot lies on your moisturiser, it can make you break out, your make up slide, or make you glow and your make up sit perfectly. My few pieces of advice are: invest in a good moisturiser- it makes all the difference, go and speak to the Make Up Counters about their products, that’s what they are there for and most importantly, ask for testers before you pay a lot of money for something that isn’t right for your skin.

Estee Lauder Clear Difference Oil Control Mattifying Hydrating Gel – £43

This bad boy has changed my life, I could tell the difference right away. It is a gel consistency, really light. It is not gloppy and thick so it doesn’t suffocate the skin and make you break out. It is refreshing, tightening and dries right away without leaving you with an oily film, which a lot of moisturisers do. I love it and recommend to anyone with oily skin.

Finding a good Skin Care Routine, that works uniquely for your needs is like finding a man…it takes time, money, tears, tantrums, breakouts and a lot of trying out different ones but once you find the right one – you stick with it for life 😉

What Skin Care Routines do you have? Have you tried any of the above? Let me know!

A x

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