Overnight Make Up and Skin Care


I work in a Field Based Role, so I spend the majority of my working life either in the car or in Hotels. I know, I know such a glamorous life.  As much as I would like to take the whole of my Dressing Table with me unfortunately I can’t… firstly my car isn’t big enough but also, I am not sure Premier Inn would let me in Dressing Table in tow.

I have had to limit myself down to my essential products that I cannot survive the day without… as much as it pains me.

Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser, ,Perfume, Deodorant and Hairspray – all a must!

The Wet Brush… who has used a Wet Brush?? Oh sweet lord it is incredible.  I used to live and breathe the Tangle Teezer and it was only when my friend brought me the Wet Brush for Christmas that I had even heard of them! Everyone needs one. It is a must. Stop reading this blog and buy one… immediately.

Make Up Case

Make Up

Inside my scuddy Make Up Bag… I am in dire need of a new one, any recommendations on a new one? Pretty sure I got this free with products…

Also, look at the fuckin state of that Contour Cosmetics palette. GRIM. Although, who brings out a palette out in white??? Sick joke.  Anyway, these are my essential Make Up items (appropriate for a corporate/business situation – I mean I would go in looking a fierce as Ru Paul but don’t think that would fly).

What are your overnight items? Are any of  your palettes as crusty as mine? Help a girl out with some nice Make Up Bag recommendations, I am just embarrassing myself walking about with that!

A x






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