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Maria Nila

For me Hair Care was never as important as Make Up & Skin Care, I would spend loads of money on new lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and face masks but buy any old shampoo and conditioner, that happened to be on a deal in the local supermarket, not really giving a shit if it was benefitting my hair or not.

How wrong I was… I started having Hair Extensions a while ago & the longevity of the Hair is reliant upon your Hair Care and so I had to change my ways and starting caring about the product I used on my Hair.

My Hairdresser absolutely raved about Maria Nila products and I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about…

Not only are they an ethically friendly brand (100% Vegan) they really care about CSR and producing products that are benefitting the environment (which can only be a good thing!), however their responsibly to the environment does not deter from the high quality of the product itself.

They smell incredible, the packaging is stunning and my hair and extensions and hair, have never felt softer, shinier and more nourished.

I use the Luminous Colour Shampoo £11.80, the True Soft Conditioner £12.96, True Soft Masque £14.19 (twice a week) and the Argan Oil £15.36 from


This Hair Care brand is amazing for your hair and the environment. My Hair Extensions them self  last a good year (with push up maintenance 3 times in that year), it doesn’t break or snap, it doesn’t feel dry,  it doesn’t loose its lustre – it just looks and feels amazing!

Highly recommend this brand for anyone that wants to give their Hair as much attention and care as their face !

Have you used Maria Nila, what’s your experience? Do you swear by any other Hair Products?


12 thoughts on “Hair Care – Maria Nila

  1. I love their packagings. They look very aesthetic. I think I once swore with particular hair product but not anymore after I once changed my hair product to another and made my hair super dry🤦🏻‍♀️

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  2. Hi Abby, i’m having some hair extensions put on on tuesday and i’m already using the structure repair shampoo, conditioner and masque (once a week for the masque) and true soft oil but am concerned it will make them come out. My extension girl has warned me i will not be covered by the warranty if i use anything other than their stuff but i love the way maria nila has saved my hair and feels 100 million times better since using it. Have you found its made your extensions come out because if not i might use maria nila anyway because it is sulfate and paraben free.

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    1. Hi hun. Out of interest what type of extensions are you having and what hair care does your extensionist advise you to use?
      Maria Nila is one of the better hair care brands you can use, I have tried the majority of them and had every different way extensions can be installed and MN has never affected the slip of the bond/micro link.
      MN shouldn’t affect the longevity of the bonds/link but the way you wash your hair (with any product) could. Don’t rub the shampoo too vigorously in your scalp, foam the shampoo in your hands first and gently massage in it. No need to rub it in the ends, this can cause matting.
      Only apply conditioner/oil or a masque to your ends, don’t get it on the bonds or links, because that will break them down and cause slippage.
      Don’t wash it everyday.
      Don’t leave it wet.
      Brush from the bottom working your way up.
      Sleep with it in a low plait.
      Use a good brush – I recommend a Wet Brush they are absolutely amazing.
      The extensionist probably advised you on her products, as she will make more money out of you that way – I personally love MN and it’s only made my extension life better, however this might not be the same for everyone and if she is saying no warranty without her products then you might want to consider using them, at least at first.
      Let me know what products she uses and I can say if I have tried them.
      Hope this has helped xx


      1. Thank you for your prompt reply 🙂 the ones i’m getting are micro rings indiam remy and the brand is Stuido58 which is what the brand is for the shampoo, conditioner and hair oil too. Ahh okay so if i was to normal condition on the days i dont use a treatment am i to focus that on the ends mostly with a little bit on the scalp or none on the scalp? I already brush from the bottom because my hair condition used to be absolutely pants and it hurt quite a bit to brush starting from the top haha:)

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      2. I’ve never used that, so I’m not sure what it’s like – however I would suggest giving it a go to protect the money you have put into the extensions. You can always use the MN masque once a week to give it some extra nourishment and just see how you get on.
        Don’t use any conditioner or masque on the scalp, or anywhere near the micro rings – just keep it on the lengths.
        I would also suggest getting some leave in heat/smooth spray – the OUAI hair care smooth spray or pureology leave in spray are both amazing 💛


      3. Okay i’ll do that, thank you for the advice 🙂 wouldn’t the root area of the hair feel dry and brittle without any conditioner or will it be okay? 🙂

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      4. You’re welcome hun. No it should be fine, because of all the work you have put into the condition prior to the extensions.
        If you get the smooth spray or leave in conditioner that will lightly condition the root without affecting the links x


      5. Brilliant i’ll do that, thank you ever so much for your time and enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂 x


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