Eyelash Extensions – Bellissima Brows & Lashes

Eyelash Extensions give me life.

I truly believe they make you look fierce AF without any make up. You can wake up and take on the day looking made up. Perfection.

They are a must have for Holidays, when you wear little Make Up but still want to look and feel amazing.

I have been to a few Eyelash Extenionist over the last few years & received a varied service, lash application, longevity of the lash and overall look.

I had a really bad experience a few months ago where I had paid quite a lot of money for Russian Volume Lashes & they fell out over the next few days… as you can imagine I wasn’t happy.

I did a bit of research through Social Media and saw brilliant reviews for ‘Bellissima Brows and Lashes’ . I got in contact with Josie, asked for advice and an appointment to come and see her. Josie absolutely wowed me with her knowledge and passion for her craft, the detail she put into our first communication was amazing and I knew right away I was in safe hands.

Josie’s Beauty Room is absolutely stunning & it just oozes luxury and glamour. Josie takes her time & adapts her technique and application to the shape of your eye and face, giving each client a bespoke look, which is nothing I have come across before.

My Eyelashes have never looked better…




Lash Open

Las Closed

Josie also provides an Aftercare kit which includes an aftercare booklet, eyelash brush, eyeliner removal brush, eyelash cleanser, eyelash cleanser brush and a loyalty card.


Now, you have to agree that this is not the average Aftercare Kit, this is above and beyond, I did’t even know you could get eyelash cleanser… but as I have learnt cleansing your lashes really improves the longevity of them.

The detailed bespoke service Josie offers shows that she truly cares about her clients, their lashes and their experience with her.

If you live in Buckinghamshire & want or need Eyelash Extensions, please look her up – you won’t be disappointed.




10 thoughts on “Eyelash Extensions – Bellissima Brows & Lashes

      1. Only if they are done incorrectly will they damage your natural lashes, just make sure you find someone good! I don’t know where you live but in the off chance you are close to Bucks/High Wycombe then I’d 💯 recommend Josie!xx

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