Revlon Professional Uniq One – Review


As I have mentioned in a former Blog Post about my Hair Care – I have been focusing on keeping my hair better nourished, especially now I have Extensions.

I have seen a few of these ‘Miracle Sprays’ around & always thought how on earth can they fit 10 benefits into one product, is that even physically possible…

I was given a bottle of Uniq One  by one of my co-workers, who no longer has Hair Extensions and I can definitely tell the difference.

This spray works on washed, damp hair before you start applying heat to it.

Now, my hair is definitely softer when applying it and feels lovely after I have Blow Dried and Curled it – I wouldn’t not use one of these sprays now . However, does it have 10 benefits? Who knows, I don’t think there is anyway to actually tell?? My hair feels softer, shiner and has no signs of breakage… so that’s at least 3!

If you have very fine hair but want to try a Miracle Spray – I would suggest Beauty Works 10 in 1 Miracle Spray as it is a lighter consistency.

Revlon Professional Uniq 1 – £11.50 Beauty Bay

Beauty Works 10 in 1 Miracle Spray – £11.99 Look Fantastic

Do you use a Miracle Spray? What are your views on them?

A x


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