Kyshadow – Burgundy Palette Review


I was drawn to this Palette because of the shades, they are absolutely incredible and as I have Hazel Eyes (more green than brown), this palette is packed with golden colours that really make my eyes, in the words of Jaclyn Hill, “pop”.

Like the other Kylie Cosmetics the packaging is beautiful, she really puts so much into the aseathics of her products. 

KY Palette

Now, I didn’t rave about the Kylie Lipkits in my previous post, however, I feel different about the Kyshadows. 

The shades are so pigmented and once applied they do not budge. There are so many colour combinations to create different looks & options – which is what you want from a palette. 

I don’t know about you but I find in most palettes there are always the odd shades you wouldn’t touch, kind of like the random tracks on an album you never listen to, but I love all colours in this palette which is such a rare find. 

This is one of the looks I love creating with the palette.

The Dark Pink – (Second Line, Second in) in the Eye Crease

The Peach/Pink (First Line, Third In) across the whole lid

The light Gold (First Line, First In) In the corner of m eye.

The only negative I can say is that they can be quite hard to blend and move around the eye, you really have to work them in but once you do they look beautiful. 

Kyshadow Burgundy Palette – 9/10

$42 from be care full for tax charges when ordering anything from the US.

Have you used these palettes? What do you think?


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