It’s Ma Burfday, It’s Ma Burfday!

Today I am 29, 21 Years old with 8 years experience…

So that is terrifying, I have 12 months left of being in my 20s & then, according to society, I am a real, proper adult… well, so they say.

When I was in my teens I would look @ 30 year olds & think they were fuckin’ old, I mean ancient, near their grave, blue rinse OLD!

Now I am almost there I feel absolutely no different to being early 20s.. I still have the maturity levels of an 8 year old, I still prance around the house doing stupid dances, I still have water fights & Nerf Gun fights with my Husband, I still pull stupid faces at people across the office, I still laugh when people say anything accidentally sexual or rude, I still LOVE Disney and Harry Potter!!

Do you have to grow up when you get to a certain age? Am I not able to laugh when someone says erect in an innocent sentence? Can I not sing Moana on the top of my voice in the car?

Well I will, even when I am 80 I will be running (well maybe not running, slow walking around with my zimmer frame) throwing cups of water over my husband because that is funny and I want to laugh & enjoy life everyday!!

So yeah I have one last year of being in my 20s but I will forever live like I am young. Today I have made a promise to myself that I will never change & that makes turning 30 and this being my final year of being “young” a lot less daunting!!

Happy Birthday to me, immature, idiotic but very happy, me!

A x

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