Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder Vs MAC Setting Powder


I have only recently discovered the power of a Setting Powder and the art of the infamous “Bake”.

Did anyone else think a face full of white powder in order to bake the face looked and sounded like another ridiculous make up fad? *Hand Up* I did.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a fad and a make up trend, I will always give them a go just incase it works & for me that’s what makes cosmetics fun!

There are a few products on the market which can be used for this technique but I have brought and tested both the Laura Mercier and MAC setting powder, so read below for more detail on the products individually below.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder


As you can see by the near emptiness of the product I use it a lot, which can only mean one thing… I love it!

The powder is so light weight and just sinks into your skin. It doesn’t give your make up a cakey look or that there is a build up of product. The key is in the name, it is Translucent and it really leaves no evidence that it was even applied, only that your make up stays in tact.

It also smells so good & who doesn’t want a beautiful smelling face.

10/10 – Sets your Make Up, No Cakeyness, Stops the slide… perfect!


 MAC Setting Powder


Also, as you can see by the amount left in the container, I don’t use this product very much or even at all…

It pretty much does the opposite of the Laura Mercier product, it is heavy duty, it turns your face white, it leaves a cakey build up and also leaves this weird cracked look… kind of like a mozaic on the face. Really really bad.

1/10 – White, Mozaic, Cracked face. Who the hell wants that?

MAC Setting Powder – £21.50

I apply with these sponges from Superdrug/Boots – it collects the product really well, they are cheap and brilliant for patting product on the face to bake it.

I use this product on my forehead, the top of my cheek bones and under the contour line on my cheek bones – this stops my contour sliding/bleeding completely and gives extra definition to the contour.

I know it is dirty and gross but thats because I use it.


Have you tried baking your face? What do you use to set your Make Up? Have you tried these products?



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