The Disney Series – First Post – Disney Tag

I came across this Disney Tag on the lovely Out of Tea Bags blog and thought it would be the perfect way to set up my Disney Series for our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World in September ( I AM SO EXCITED).

I am going to Blog (perhaps even Vlog) our trip to WDW & the lead up to it –  the booking process, what we have planned, where we are going to etc. which will make up the Disney Series so stay tuned for more posts.


  1. Favourite scene in a princess movie? Ah this is so hard ( I feel like this might be the motif for the Disney Tag if I am honest) Either the dance scene between Belle and the Beast, Belle is my Homegirl and I always wished that was me, or when Moana puts the heart back into Te Fiti – the animation of the sea and that beautiful song… ah man, it gets me right in the feels.
  2. Last Disney movie you watched? Me & Dan are trying to watch every Disney film before our trip, so we binge watch a few every weekend but I think the last one we watched was Princess & the Frog – the Soundtrack is probably one of my favs, Randy Newman and Disney go together like Cheese and Bread.
  3. Is your family Disney obsessed? Yes, we all love it and I have been lucky enough to go to WDW with them a few times. My most magical memories.
  4. How many times have you visited the Parks? I have been to WDW d 4 times.
  5. Which Park is your favourite? I have only been to WDW, so cannot comment on the others but Magic Kingdom is my favourite park – it is just the most magical place, it is like nothing you have ever experienced before.
  6. Cinderella’s Castle or Sleeping Beauty’s Castle? Cinderella. 100%.
  7. Favourite animal-themed movie? Ratatouille – I absolutely love it. Food & Disney. What’s not too love?
  8. Would you get married/have your honeymoon in the Parks? Yes, if I didn’t have to sell my soul to afford it, we would have got married there.
  9. If you could date one of the characters, who would it be and why? Eugene Fitzherbet AKA Flynn Rider, he’s got the funnies and the romantics. Perf.
  10. Favourite villain? Maleficent – she’s amazing. The live action with Ang Jolie was incredible and I fell in love with that character.
  11. If you could have two characters from two different movies meet, who would they be and why? Elsa, Anna and Tarzan – I want to see that Jeremy Kyle ‘Find your Long Lost Feral Brother’ reunion.
  12. Have you ever met any of the characters at the Parks? Lots of them, I was top Autograph hunter 2005.
  13. Favourite live-action Disney movie? Maleficent but also, Beauty and the Beast.
  14. Mickey or Minnie? How can you choose between No.1 #CoupleGoals?
  15. Which Disney movie is overrated?  Hmm… Lilo & Stitch… I like it & love the character of Stitch but that crazy weird alien ending just threw me and I didn’t get it. Sorry, I know that will be an unpopular opinion.
  16. Favourite Pixar movie? Toy Story but that is my favourite movie of all time.
  17. Favourite sidekick? Remy. The dude can cook, I am sold.
  18. Favourite Disney movie and why? Toy Story is my favourite EVER film. As a child I thought my Toy’s came to life. I would hide in my wardrobe and peak through the door to catch them out. There is such a feeling of nostalgia when I watch it, it is just beautiful. Beauty & the Beast is my favourite Classic Disney, I love Belle. Mulan/Moana/Tangled/Princess & the Frog are my favourite modern day. They all have strong women that aren’t solely focused on love.

11 thoughts on “The Disney Series – First Post – Disney Tag

  1. I love this! I disagree with you on Lilo & Stitch, but I think we can get around that =) haha. I’ve only been to the parks once, this January. But it was the most magical place I’ve ever been! I loved every minute of it.

    My fiance and I are getting married in November. We won our honeymoon at a Bridal Expo, and one part of it is a Disney Pass. We plan on going more than just one day, but we are ecstatic about it!

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    1. Hahaha I knew that would be a bold statement about Lilo & Stitch. I loved the message of the film & him but yeah, that ending was a bit out there.
      Ah brill – where did you stay, in Disney? It’s amazing isn’t it – My Disney blues are absolutely horrendous.

      Ahhhhh no way – that’s incredible!!! Did you win anything? Are you going to Disney for your honeymoon? Incredible!

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      1. We stayed off property at a family friend’s condo. But we went to all of the parks, and Magic Kingdom twice. It’s been 7 months and I still have the blues. I cannot wait to go back.

        We won a full honeymoon. 5 days in Orlando with a one day Disney Pass (I think we will be purchasing at least one more) then 3 days in Daytona Beach at a beachfront resort, then a 3 day Bahamas Cruise! We have to pay hotel taxes, travel accommodations, and food, but that is it. It’s an amazing win!! We are stoked!


      2. Ah amazing. It really is the best place in the world.

        Oh my god, that is incredible! I am so jealous you will have the most amazing time!!! When do you get married?


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