Birthday Weekend – Covent Garden & Matilda

My wonderful Husband brought me tickets to see Matilda @ the Cambridge Theatre in London for Saturday just gone. So we thought we would go up early, grab something to eat and wonder around Covent Garden.

My anxiety rears it’s ugly and inconvenient head at the thought of London, public transport & large crowds and with everything going on in the UK at the minute, I was even more anxious about going into London. Dan had gone to so much effort and the last thing I wanted to do was to make him feel bad by feeling nervous or ย make him think that I didn’t want to go (ironically feeling like I am letting him down only makes the anxiety worse – oh it is fun) However, I really try my hardest not to let the anxiety rule my life and take control, so to take some of the pressure of myself we decided to drive, to avoid the tubes.

Yes, I still felt anxious but the sun was shining, there was this amazing electric buzz in Covent Garden which soon took the fear away. It was absolutely beautiful there and we had an amazing day.

We walked around and found this family run Italian Pizzeria and it was incredible. Oh isn’t Pizza is just the best. It tasted just like Italy, (it was so warm in London we actually felt like we were in Italy). The restaurant is called Pizza Pilgrims and I would definitely recommend it if you like rustic Italian pizza – wait, who wouldn’t, its the best!!

We then went and grabbed a frozen yogurt from Snog – I have never been there before, it was really delicious and much healthier than Ice Cream. ย There are different flavours and lots of different topping options. I went for Chocolate yogurt and Smarties.


Matilda the Musical was incredible – it is so uplifting and happy it is difficult not to smile. I love Roald Dhal & grew up with his books so knew I would be in for a treat. The cast is mainly made of children and they were just incredible. The songs and music is brilliant, we listened to the Soundtrack on the way home & you can’t help but sing. It is all written by a comedian called Tim Minchin who is very quirky and funny, perfect person to adapt Dhal to the stage. Oh and Trunchbull made the show!! If you like Musicals then go and see it, you will love it!


We had a great day & I am so glad I didn’t let anxiety win! Thank-you Dan, you are wonderful!


A x



7 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend – Covent Garden & Matilda

  1. What a fabulous day! So glad you two enjoyed yourselves and shared some moments with us (: that pizza looks amazing and Matilda sounds like it was a great show! I grew up watching it so much because it’s the only movie my Nanny (great grandmother) had at her house cause her name is Matilda. Love the pictures xoxo

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  2. Your writing reminds me of my friend who also has anxiety and I understand how hard it is. I hope everything will always be well for you. Speaking of which, the foods look really tasty xx

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  3. Glad you had a great time, I’m gonna need to start making regular trips to London and I hate trains but it’s all for a good cause ๐Ÿ˜Š xx

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