Microblading – My first step on the journey to Brow Goals. 

I have been thinking about getting my eyebrows Microbladed for a while. The idea of not spending 10 minutes every morning applying and carving out my eyebrows through tear filled eyes because they arent going right sounds ideal but on the other side it’s tattooing my face… that’s a big deal. It’s not been an easy flippant decision.
A couple of girls at my work have had it done & it looks amazing so I’ve decided to do it! I have booked my appointment and I am now just really excited!!!

Has anyone else had it done or been thinking about it?

A x 

17 thoughts on “Microblading – My first step on the journey to Brow Goals. 

  1. I have been thinking about doing it for a long time. I was definitely an “over plucker” in my teens/early 20s and now I really regret it. I am still looking for a reputable place to go. Good luck, that’s so exciting!

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    1. Yep same here! When I was young it was ‘fashionable’ to have slither lines for Eyebrows and now they just don’t grow properly! That was my major concern finding the right person but a few people have been to the same person & they look incredible so I thought I’d just go for it! Thank you 😊 xx

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      1. Sounds good with me! And not great tbh! Was going to be able to get home today, but collapsed whilst I went for walk to see if I was up for it (Cleary not), and now looking like I have a UTI! It never ends 😂 Thank you for asking! How are you? xxx

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