Primer – What is it good for?

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Girls, I need your help. I just cannot find a good Primer. I actually don’t know what the benefits are of a good primer, do they actually do anything?

I have tried a few out – MAC Prep & Prime Skin Base Visage, The Body Shop All-in-One Instablur and NYX Angel Veil & I have been left feeling disappointed and thinking ‘what is the point in this product’?

Instablur was so awful. It felt like rubbing crumbly vaseline on my face. Why would anyone want to do that Body Shop, WHY? It made my face feel congested and gross. Never again.

MAC Prep & Prime Skin Base Visage felt siliconey and greasy. Which made me break out and again, congested. What a waste of money that was – I still have it…barely used. Thanks a lot MAC.

NYX Angel Veil is probably the best of the bunch, it is more light weight, it doesn’t crumble or have that silicone congested feel, it is a reasonable price but I still genuinely don’t know if it has any benefit to my skin. I can’t tell the difference with or without it. Is that normal?

What Primer’s does everyone else use? Are there any Holy Grail recommendations? Or is the Primer a fad product that actually doesn’t do anything?

Help a sister out.

A x

17 thoughts on “Primer – What is it good for?

  1. I’ve never really used any primers and i don’t have any issues with the makeup im wearing at all! So to me its kind of a hyped up thing i would never use. I’ve heard good things about the porefessional though but I can’t even be bothered to try it myself, hah.

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    1. Yeah I get what you mean – I’ve not tried any that have changed my life or made me think it’s a product I should purchase and all
      feels a bit of a hype but that’s just because I’ve tried the wrong ones! I’m going to give some of these recommendations a go!xx


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