Nails – Shellac & Lecenté

For years & years I had acrylic nails & for money saving reasons I thought it was something I could cut out of my monthly spend & just have them done for special occasions. 

I do really miss them, as my natural nails are stubby and break constantly. The acrylic nails made my fingers look a lot longer as I have really tiny, chubby, child hands. How attractive.

Luckily for me, my sister in law is a trained nail technician and she treats me to a Gel Nail manicure, so even though my nails are stubby and my hands are chubby (good rhyme) my nails still look lovely & painted.

Today I went for a sparkly look that shines in the sun all ready for my Mother in Laws 60th Birthday, Garden Party today!

My Sister in Law painted on a Shellac silver glitter base and then used, what looked like an eyeshadow brush to brush on the Lecentè reflective Vince Noir/Lady Gagaesque Glitter flecks. Look at them shine.  

I will be having special & outrageous Disney acrylics for our Holiday to WDW. I can’t wait for that.

Right, the alcohol and cheese is calling me… I will be pissed on Pimms in no time darlings. (How I am going to cope with conversation with people I don’t know!)

Happy Sunday to you all ❤️

A x

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