Make Up Revolution Haul

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Every time Sometimes I go into Superdrug to buy Cotton Wool Pads and come out with 10 Make Up products that I had not intended to purchase…!

This was one of those times & I brought a whole bunch of Make Up Revolution London products. The price is so reasonable that you keep picking other things up but once you’ve pick up a few products it starts to all add up.

The products look really brilliant on purchase, the palettes come in really lux cardboard packaging which I think makes them look high end rather than drug store products. Although as you can see by the look of them now, the font has started to rub off and look quite worn – the Palette at the back has lost all of the font from the front so I turned it over. This isn’t so great but again as they are drugstore and really well priced I don’t mind so much.


Superdrug – £5

I have already written a post on the Make Up Setting spray which you can see here:

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Setting Spray 

Rev Strobe

Strobe Swatch

There are quite a lot of strobe products on the market but they really vary in price and can be quite pricey, so I thought this would be a good alternative to try. I will use this product under my foundation to give a light glow, I have tried using it on top of my foundation but it moves the foundation and makes it slide, which isn’t great. I actually mainly use this on my skin,  and apply to my chest to give me a glow when I wear a dress. Great for Holidays.

I can’t find this product on line anymore but they have something similar:

Ultra Strobe Cream – £4

Rev HighlightSwatch Highlifht

I brought this palette whilst I waited for my ABH Glow Kit Palette (Review)  as I thought it would be a good alternative. The pigmentation is okay & shows up if you use a lot of the product. Don’t by shy with it, you have to apply a fair bit (as you can see by the empty shade). When comparing this to the ABH Palette (well there is really no comparison) it really pays to to spend a bit more!! However, it is a third of the price of ABH & if you apply a lot it is a good alternative.

Make Up Revolution Beyond Radiance Highlight Kit – £8

Big Palette

I mean there 144 Shades here for £10… it is a no brainer. I haven’t used it very much but it was £10… TEN! That is a bargain. If I was having a creative Make Up day then I would take this out and play with it. I think I brought it more a novelty than practical. The pigmentation is okay, like the Highlighter you have to apply a lot of product but for £10 it is brill. I think this would be a great gift for a younger teen experimenting with Make Up for the first time.

I can’t swatch all of these I will be here till next June and I have more Make Up to try!!

Makeup Revolution 144 Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection 2017 – £10

Metalic Rev

Swatch MetalicSwatch Metalic 2

I really like this Palette and unlike the others, they products are really pigmented and blend well. I like metallic, shimmery shades and use this palette quite often for the centre or corner of my eyes.  I use the pinks and golden shades more than the blues, as they suit my complexion more.

I can’t find this anywhere but Ebay! Sorry!


Rev Palette

I brought this for the shimmery shades… as you can probably tell from this post I like them the most. The shades are great  and I like the golden burnt colours, that is what I use this for. Again, you need a lot of product as it isn’t massively pigmented. I have used this a handful of times and the bottom colour is already showing metal.

Beyond Flawless Eyeshadow Palette – £8


I think the theme of this post is this… they are brilliant value for money, the packaging is good, the shades are amazing but you need to use a lot of the product and they run out quite quickly.

However, as a Drug Store brand,  the range is amazing and the best thing is that you can try all of the new Make Up fads and not break the bank. I think they are great and will continue to purchase and try their products.

Oh and the Setting Spray is amazing – this will be my go to spray for years to come!

What are your experiences with Makeup Revolution?


7 thoughts on “Make Up Revolution Haul

  1. I don’t have a lot of experience with them but what I have tried was okay. I tried a few glosses and i once received their color correcting palette to test out but I wasn’t too impressed with that. The eye shadow palettes sound good though!

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  2. The revoholic eyes palette is great! I have one and I love it ! I have actually created a post which I created a look using this palette on my blog xo

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