Pay Day Haul & Day Out <3


Pay Day was yesterday which only means one thing… see the dollar go in and then watch it go out!

Every Saturday after Pay Day me & Dan have Breakfast in a little CafΓ© over the road from where we live – it is our little tradition πŸ™‚ .

It is a really cute family run CafΓ©, the coffee and food is amazing and really reasonably priced. We love going out for Breakfast and starting our weekend with a treat. I had a Cappuccino (The Breakfast Coffee) with Pancakes, Syrup, Bacon and Eggs… I couldn’t finish it, even though I wanted, it was so good.

The Square

We then headed into town where I had my Eyebrows threaded (ready for the microblading on Monday) and much too my upset my upper lip waxed… I didn’t actually know I needed it done but the woman announced to everyone in the shop: Β “Do you want your lip doing”… Β so I felt obliged too… Β thanks for telling everyone I have a tache love…

With a red but hair free lip I went into Superdrug to re stock my Micealler Water, Setting Spray & Cotton Buds and of course I came out with more…

  • Revolution London Luxury Banana Powder – I have tried high end setting powders so I thought I would see if a cheaper alternative would do the same… I will let you know
  • Revolution London Metallic Lip Kit in the shade Worth It – It was a really nice Metallic Purple and I don’t have a Metallic Lip Product so I thought I would try it.
  • Hawaiian Tropic Body Sprays in the fragrances Golden Paradise and Tropical Oasis – A Colleague of mine was wearing one of these the other day and it smelt like holiday so I had to pick one up for my handbag & then the cashier said it was 2 for Β£16… you know how that story ends.




I think picked up my favourite concealer from John Lewis, NARS Creamy Concealer in the shade Custard – click here to read a previous review.


I then went to HOF as I wanted to try the new Esteè Lauder Cleanser and Toner from their range Nutritious Micro-Algae which is specifically for oily and pore prone skin. I use a Clarins Cleanser and Toner currently, which I love but the Esteè Lauder moisturiser Clear Difference which has worked wonders so I thought I would try these as well. I will let you know how it fairs.


I asked the other day on a previous post (Primer – What is it good for?) on a Primer recommendation & Benefit Porefessional was one of them so I am going to give that a go.


I then went & sold my soul in Lush… I am going to do a separate Haul because there is quite a lot… #sorrynotsorrybank


…and last but not least I went to WHSmiths and brought the new Zoella Book Club collection. I have read all the books from her previous Book Clubs and I loved them all! The YA Genre is my absolute favourite & I cannot wait to get stuck into them. Once I have read them I will do a review post.


It has been a great Saturday but I am officially broke and I will be waiting 4 weeks until I do it all again…

A x

24 thoughts on “Pay Day Haul & Day Out <3

  1. I do the same as you with payday! For some reason, whenever I get paid, I feel like a millionaire and buy loads, then I come home with my goodies and check my bank, and have a little cry about how I’ve spent it all again! I’ll never learn!! x

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  2. This traditional is so cute 😊 I think it’s a programmed question these threading ladies have because you’re not the only one who gets this 🀣 xx

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