Dobby My House Cat

I got my little kitten, Dobby, when my anxiety was at it’s worst – I was signed off work and very very unhappy. This wasn’t helped by feeling very lonely all day whilst Dan was at work. I read lots about pets helping with anxiety and depression & even though I always wanted a Kitten, Dan finally said yes as we both just wanted me to feel better… que my little mate.

Baby Dobby

She was smaller than a slipper when we got her & because all my energy, thoughts and worries soon went onto looking after her, I forgot to worry about myself and so I started to feel better. I wasn’t completely consumed by my self doubt & thoughts of failure. I had this little baby to look after.

She’s my BBF & never far away from me… she sleeps by my feet, I say sleep she lies there waiting for a toe to poke out the end of the covers so she can stick her effin claws in it.


I love her. She helped drag me out of a dark place and I will forever be grateful to my little fur baby. Even when she does piss on my bed…


A x

15 thoughts on “Dobby My House Cat

  1. Dobby is beautiful!! I have two cats of my own. My oldest cat who is four now really helped with my anxiety too. I’m so sorry you were in a really bad place and unhappy. I am sending you so much love and positive vibes for being awesome!! With so much love xoxo

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