Liebster Awardย <3

I started this blog because I have always wanted to write. I put no hope on people being interested in what I had to say, for me that was just a bonus. However, I am so thankful that people are interested & the blogging community, it honestly has never made me happier.

Thank-you to the lovely Louise for nominating me – it was a complete shock and I am so grateful. If you don’t already, please go and check out/follow her blog – all about Beauty, Luxury & beautiful pictures. Thank-you again Louise x


  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 blogs
  • Give them 11 questions to answer

Questions from Louise Austin Richards:

  1. Favourite City? My favourite City in England is Manchester – I spent 4 years there when I was at University & I fell in love. I went to Manchester because of the Musical History, my favourite bands and musicians were all born in Manchester. There is a vibrancy and sense of community like no where else in the World!
  2. First Make Up product you ever brought? Bloody Hell… probably something horrendous like glitter mascara, white eyeliner or dream matte mouse… 90s Child. 
  3. Favourite high-end beauty brand? NARS Creamy Concealer.. it has changed the way my make up sits.
  4. Who is your idol? Morrissey. The Smiths & Morrissey’s music was my escape when I was a teenager. I love him. I have his portrait tattooed on me. 
  5. Favourite fashion or beauty store? Beauty. All Day. Er Day.
  6. One thing on your bucket list? Spend time with the Orangutan’s in the jungle in Borneo. My most favourite animal. 
  7. You can only use one beauty product for the rest if your life โ€“ What do you choose? Mascara I think. You can have a face full of Make Up but with no Mascara you look weird.
  8. Favourite TV Show? Breaking Bad.
  9. How did you get into blogging? I have always wanted to blog but I kept coming up with excuses on why I shouldn’t or couldn’t, I was scared of putting myself out there. It was just after the bombing in Manchester that I read about  Martyn Hett, sadly he was one of the men who was killed. It was about his life and how he lived it to the fullest, if he wanted to do something he would just do it and take risks. I wanted to live like that, I wanted to be that person. I wanted to honour his life by doing all the things I have wanted to do but been too scared. So, I started this blog and I booked my first two sessions for my tattoo sleeve and there will be many more risks to come. So to Martyn, thank-you for inspiring me to live life like you did.
  10. Summarise your blog – The blog is about things I love. Beauty,  Travel and Travel Dairies. My Wonderful Life with my Husband.
  11. Instagram & Twitter links – Twitter & Instagram 

My Questions to You…

  1. Worst Make Up Product Ever Brought?
  2. What do you do to Unwind?
  3. What can’t you live without?
  4. Favourite Musician/Band?
  5. Favourite Book?
  6. Where’s or what your Dream Holiday/Vacation?
  7. Favourite Memory?
  8. Favourite Make Up Brand?
  9. How did you get into blogging?
  10. Summarise your blog
  11. Facebook & Twitter links


Brooke Nicole Clarke

Louise Austin Richards










Thank-you for reading and commenting – love you all!!! xx

19 thoughts on “Liebster Awardย <3

  1. Thanks for the nomination ๐Ÿ˜˜ i remember caking my face with the dream matte mousse and using white mascara… terrible life choices back then ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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