Lush – Don’t Look At Me – Face Mask – Review

I love Face Masks – there is something so relaxing & indulgent about putting one on. You really feel as if you are treating yourself and your skin.

As I mentioned in my Lush Haul I love their Face Masks and have tried quite a few of them, this time being the Don’t Look at Me Mask.

The Mask has 18 ingredients, specifically for toning your skin, removing oil and to nourish the skin – the main ingredients being Lemon & ground rice (Lemon – great for toning and ground rice to exfoliate).

The mask smells so fresh & is bright blue – guess which one I am…

I left the mask for 15 minutes and it all dried up:


Before I took the mask off I I wet my fingers and rubbed my face in circular motions to make sure the brown rice exfoilated my skin. I then washed it off with warm water.


My skin feels smooth, tight and has a glow (which you can slightly see). Also I have never put of picture of myself online without Make Up… this is a big first for me but I really think my skin looks good.

I think this Mask is the best one I have tried from Lush. I really recommend it.

Has anyone else tried this mask? What masks from Lush have you tried?



22 thoughts on “Lush – Don’t Look At Me – Face Mask – Review

    1. Hahaha the blue face is a good look for me. 😂😂
      My pores love a scrubbing and this is definitely good for that lol!
      Hahhaha I’m not sure about that & definitely not without make up but thank you 💕


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