What’s in my Bag? (A whole heap of crap)


It was only when riffling though my bag to take pictures did I realise how much shit I hoard in it. I threw a lot of stuff out, as I am sure you are not interested in receipts and straw wrappers? Maybe you are.

My bag is Ted Baker which I got for Christmas just gone from my Madre. She is kind.

So what is in my bag…


I also got the matching purse. This is full ofΒ  maxed out Credit Cards & wishful thinking store points cards.

img_1001Yep, I know Sunbeds are bad for you but I also thinking being Pale is bad for me… so….

I always carry my Sun Bed bronzer in case I drive past the Sun Bed shop. This Bronzer is amazing – it moisturisers your skin & gives you a glow – you definitely get more of a tan when using a cream on a sunbed.

img_1008Always carry a pen. Gotta rep my homeboy Hazza P. Always. I have an Elder Wand Pen as well somewhere… I always look professional in meetings…

img_1007Love this stuff. Nobody wants a dry crusty lip and who doesn’t want to rub sugar on their lips? Little sweet treat.

img_1006My Eczema is bad in the summer and when I am anxious I itch it more – this helps stop the irritation when I am out and about.


Clubmans, because they are the coolest sunglasses around. A gurl always gotta look cool.

img_1005I hate getting a headache so I always carry Ibuprofen – the minute the sign of headache appears my whole body shuts down and I can’t even. A bit of my old friend Rennie as well to keep that acid reflux at bay. Sexy.

img_1012So many hair bands lurking in my bag. I can’t live without them. The Wet Brush is amazing. You all need one.


Charger and Earphones… sorry Dan didn’t mean to take yours… Whoops!!

img_1004In case I get hungry… which is very likely. I need feeding every hour or I get cranky. Like a child. I need snacks.

img_1011House and Car Keys, oh and a Gym membership that I used for 1 month and still pay Β£30 for every month… well done Abby great job really achieved there. STOP EATING SNACKS AND GO TO THE GYM.

img_1010Smoking paraphernalia because I am dirty smoker and not even cigarettes. Trampy Rollies. We can’t be perfect.

img_1003A nice spritz so once I have smoked said trampy cigarette I smell like a Tramp that has recently been on an all inclusive trip to the CaribbeanΒ  πŸ™‚

That’s me. That’s my bag & maybe this will give you an insight into my life.

A tramp, who smells like coconuts, is very tanned,Β  has itchy skin but non flakey lips who is always eating snacks… that’s me!

A x



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