😱 Game of Thrones Returns πŸ˜±

GoT returns today/tomorrow & I genuinely have never been more excited. It is the best thing to have ever been televised & I really never want it to end. 

Me & my Husband spend hours talking about what we think might happen. Different Fan Theory & if we agree.

So this is my series predictions:

As a big overview for this Series I think we will see the fall of Cersei Lanaster & either Jamie or Tyrion will be the one to give the final blow (as per the prophecy) and we will see either Daenerys on the Iron Throne, with the end of the series seeing the White Walkers come over Wall ready for the final season.

I also think there is something more to Sansa… she wants that Throne…!! 

Hopefully we will see the return of Sam and learn more about Jon’s parents and Ned Stark!

Will Drogon become a Walker? Will Bran worg into a Dragon & that’s how he can fly?

Tyrion, Jon and Daenerys as the three headed Dragon and Bran is a dragon? 

Basically it is all too much & I cannot cope with it. 

What does everyone else think? What big characters are going to be killed off this series? What do you want to see happen?


14 thoughts on “😱 Game of Thrones Returns πŸ˜±

  1. I cannot wait either! It’s the first time I will be able to watch it with everyone else, I was reading the books first and what with having Rory and ME only finished season 6 yesterday πŸ™Œ
    I did get that feeling that Sansa has more to offer but I am thinking Daenerys will sit the Iron Throne come the end of this series.

    What ever happens, it will be exciting!!! Just awaiting the next book now x

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    1. Ah that is really exciting for you, I read the books after Season 6 so I have always had the excitement of watching the series and not knowing what will happen – so I am glad you get that this time!
      I agree, I think she will sit the Throne and I want her to be Queen but there will be a lot going on a long the way!
      Cannot wait for the Book either! xx

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      1. I started watching it first and got to almost the end of season two and sky took it off box sets…so I started reading it instead. Then vowed not to watch it, despite having the blu-rays until I have finished the books. Some effort! Hahaha. Can’t wait to get that buzz of watching it with all the other fans xxx

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      2. Bloody hell thats some determination… I’m not sure I would have lasted – well done my friend!
        I’m pretty much counting down the minutes until I can watch!
        Have you watched Throne Cast on Sky – Sue Perkins gets a whole bunch of fans together to talk about it… it’s a good little filler until tomorrow xxx

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      3. I haven’t to be honest, I always avoided it in case I found out something I didn’t want to know πŸ˜‚ but now I’m up to date I may well have a gander. Thanks for the recommendation.
        And thank you, I have no idea how I held out, especially with the box set almost staring me in the face everyday. Glad I did though. Interesting watching it and seeing how it differs from the books. Xxx


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