I Cleaned my Draws Out…the Dressing Table Variety.

I don’t know about you but every draw I have is full of shit that I just throw in there & when I need something I can never find it.

Every time I wanted to get something out of my Make Up Table draws they were jammed & I would end up yanking them so hard every on top of the table would fall off… It happened the other day and my Too Faced Blush broke into a million pieces and my floor was covered in pink dust. I looked at myself in the mirror, beyond my tear filled eyes and asked myself ‘what is life’.

So today I decided I can cope no longer and gave them a clear out & this what I found & some bits I threw away…

Make Up


This is Make Up I don’t use on the reg but will use if I run out of my usual stuff.

  • Mac Prep & Primer – Primer
  • MAC Setting Powder
  • NYX Blusher
  • Rimmer Liquid Eyeliner
  • MAC Brow Pencil
  • MAC Penultimate Brow Marker
  • NARS Matte Multiple (Contour Stick)
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow – Baked
  • MAC Lipgloss
  • NYX Butter Gloss
  • Huda Beauty Eyelash Glue
  • No7 BB Cream



Look at the state of them… these are palettes I don’t use everyday but like to use occasionally. I love the Urban Decay Gwen palette, it has some really nice shades. I really want the new Urban Decay Heat Palette… it looks amazing.

I used the Contour Cosmetics Palette for quite a while but I have now gone back to a powder contour and use ABH

Huda Beauty Eyelashes – Samantha


I really like her Eyelashes and I have worn these a few times but I now have Eyelash Extensions so they are sitting in my draw until I need them again! I also found an old packet of Lilly Lashes…without the lashes. I spent Β£40 on them, wore them once, got drunk and they were never to be seen again… what a fuckin waste of money that was.

Make Up Tools

A spare sponge for my fixing powder, a make up brush cleaner, a sharpener and a Lip Plumper… you suck on it and it gives you full lips… for a second and then they deflate. A Beauty Fad product I should not have brought.

Back Up Products


Cannot live without these two products so as soon as I am getting low I buy the next one, so I am never without.

Hair Products


I have a back up Uniq One, some other hair oil and a small Hairspray (not sure where that is from) I will probably take it on holiday with me.

I also found an Army of hair grips.. where the fuck do they come from, it is like they are sat in my draw breeding but when I need one, I can never find one of the little bastards!


I also found a whole bunch of Chokers, about 5 lighters, loads of eyeliner shavings (put it in the bin abby you filthy bitch) and hair rollers.

What I threw out

The Lily Lashes box that reminded me I am an awful drunk.

A few disgusting old used lipsticks – not sure if they are mine… I have just accumulated them.

An old oil, some nail polish I will never wear and fake blood… again, where the heck has that come from???


Now they are cleaner and I can actually locate the stuff I need, without crying. YEY for me!

A x

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