A Quick, Easy & Healthy Breakfast PT 2 πŸ³

Welcome to Breakfast with Chef Abby PT 2!

This morning I have created a healthy Omelette with Bacon and Tomatoes – have a look below on how I made it !

Firstly add some Bacon to the grill – you can fry if you want but grilling is always a healthy alternative (no added oil).

Crack 3 Eggs into a bow, add salt and pepper and mix – not too much just enough to crack the yolk, you don’t want them like scrambled eggs!

Pop some Tomatoes in a pan with Fry Light (really low cal spray * 1 Cal per spray) – you don’t have to use this, but I like to to make sure the Omelette remains healthy. I also use Vine Tomatoes as they taste so sweet but of course you can use any. Cook them with salt and a bit of water until they are soft.



Take the bacon out from under the grill remove the fat and cut into small pieces!


Heat up the frying pan and put either Fry Light or Butter into the Pan and drop the Egg Mix in.


Once the Mix starts to cook and rise add the Bacon and Tomatoes ( I save some Toms to put on the side)

Let the Omelette cook for a few minutes and then flip over the top.


Cook for a further 2 minutes and then serve him up with the rest of the Tomatoes


There you go… another healthy, quick and yummy egg breakfast!

I also like to use Spinach or Mushrooms if I have some or instead of Bacon, Smoked Salmon and Chive. You can put so much in an Omelette the options are endless!!

What do you like in your Omelette?

A x

10 thoughts on “A Quick, Easy & Healthy Breakfast PT 2 πŸ³

    1. Hahaha! Ah I love that has inspired your breakfast!
      I know I love Spring Onions in omelette’s so good!! I didn’t have any in the fridge or I would have popped some in πŸ™‚ xx


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