Benefit Porefessional Review 

A while back I posted Primer – What is it good for? and asked you guys for some Primer help as I genuinely didn’t understand the benefits of it… which brings me nicely onto a Benefit product Porefessional (see what I did there 😉 clever aren’t Iwhich was recommended to me by my frenemey Brooke  😉

Now I told Brooke if I had just wasted my money on another Primer that didn’t work, I was billing her for it… so let’s see the verdict…

The product doesn’t feel siliconey, or leave my face feeling like crumbly vaseline. WIN.

Once you have applied you cannot even tell it is on your skin. WIN.

The real test… does my Make Up look better?

Yes, it actually does. My pores weren’t playing slip and slide on my face. You couldn’t see the huge pot holes & instead I had a smooth, pore free face. WIN!

I finally understand what Primer is for…  and as much as I hate to say it and I am spitting it out through gritted teeth… you were right Brooke (I will never live that down), put your Credit Card away, you can sleep easily.

A x

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