Lush Dream Cream Review 

I recently went to Lush and pretty much brought the entire shop… not good but it is my absolute favourite shop so there is that – see the Lush Haul here.

I had seen so many great things about Lush’s No.1 Product Dream Cream so I had to buy it & see what all the fuss was about.

This is Lush’s Description:

Softer than freshly-laundered clouds and a gentle oat milk rain; this herbal delicacy has the consistency of cool liquid silk.

Light, cooling and easily absorbed into the skin, the combination of calming chamomile, organic, extra virgin olive oil and creamy, Fair Trade, organic cocoa butter quickly soothes and softens.

Sweep all over the body to bedew your skin with fields of soothing lavender and Turkish rose to lull your skin back to tranquility. Feel serene and petal-soft from top to toe.

It really is like cool silk and it is such a luxurious moisturiser.

Due to the Lavender scent it is perfect to put on after a shower/bath before bed – it really does aid with a good nights sleep.

I suffer with Eczema and it tends to be worse in the Summer but it has really helped with that and doesn’t irritate it which some moisturisers do.

I have tried many High End body moisturisers with extortionate prices but this is just as good, actually I think it is better.

My skin is so smooth, soft and smells incredible.

100% recommend this and see why it Lush’s No.1 Best Seller.

Has anyone else tried this wonder cream? What are your experiences?

A x

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