Kylie Lip Kit – Matte vs Velvet Review 

Earlier in the month Kylie Cosmetics had a 2 for 1 sale which I thought was too good to pass up on!

I really wanted some pinky/peachy colours for the summer, as my lipstick collection is pretty much brown nudes. Don’t get me wrong nudes can be worn all year round but I want an injection of girly colour when I have a tan.

Is anyone more daring with clothes and Lipsticks when they have a tan & on Holiday? At home you are super reserved with how you present yourself but on holiday you’ll walk about in your underwear, head to toe in highlighter and fluorescent orange Lippy, admiring how extra you are? Oh… just me then.

On to the products….

The first Lipkit I brought was Dirty Peach 🍑 

I really like this colour – it’s subtle but a really pretty coral. Perfect for evenings abroad. Again, as I have mentioned in a post about Kylie Lipkits before – don’t apply too much product or it crumbles. 

As the second product was essentially free I thought it would be a good time to purchase a different Lip product rather than just the Matte Lipsticks I always get & I decided on a Velvet.

Strawberrys & Cream 🍓🥛

I usually don’t go for pink Lipsticks & when I swatched the colour I wasn’t so sure, but after I applied to the lips it was much more subtle than the swatch looked. I actually really like the shade. The Velvet texture is kind of strange – a little bit like the Matte Liquid Lipstick just isn’t working and hasn’t dried yet?  Not sold on that. 

The Velvet doesn’t stay on the Lip as long as the Matte Lipstick but it doesn’t budge easily – I reapplied again after about an hour. 

Kylie’s Lipsticks are good. They aren’t life changing but they are good. The packaging is amazing. The shade range is amazing. The application is dreamy. The feel once applied not a so great. Just don’t apply too much! 

A tip – pop some Lip oil or Vaseline on your lips as a primer & they don’t dry your lip out as much! 

What is your experience with Kylie Lipkits?

A x 

23 thoughts on “Kylie Lip Kit – Matte vs Velvet Review 

  1. Awesome review and beautiful choices! I haven’t read about these very much (as I’ve only heard the hype when they’re released), but it’s great to get someone’s opinion that I can trust xoxo

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  2. I’ve always been tempted to get one of these, glad I read your review! To be honest, I’m not quite sure what the hype is all about when it comes to Kylie’s lip kits x

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