1 Year of Marriage ❤️

A year ago today I married the love of my life in Sorrento, Italy, surrounded by the people I love most in world. The day was the best of my life & a part of me is sad that I will never feel like that again. 
We got married in Sorrento as my Grandma is from Naples & for me, Italy is the most beautiful country – it feels like home, more so than England. We only wanted a small wedding, with our family and closet friends and we spent the week out there all together – so it wasn’t just one day of memories but a whole week of them. 

Some pictures of the day. 

Coming out of the Church to the surprise of our family with an archway of Wands and wearing Harry Potter glasses was probably the single most amazing moment of my life – just incredible and hilarious. 

What I have learnt from our first year… that being married feels absolutely no different, except I have to remember to say Husband, I’m a Mrs and my last name is now Uppington.

I am glad I feel no different as it means there isn’t any added pressure to be a wife; it means I love Dan as much as I did when I first met him and that has never faltered. 

We had a lot of people question our decision to marry so quickly & that was difficult. We felt we needed to justify our love and relationship, which isn’t something anyone should have to do. Even though we married quickly, it’s okay to do that, you aren’t crazy you aren’t taking a risk – you are allowed to love and love with all your heart and at your own pace. We did & we’ve never been happier ❤️

1 year down… the rest of our lives to go. 
Salute from The Uppington’s to The Uppington’s. 

A x 

30 thoughts on “1 Year of Marriage ❤️

  1. You looked absolutely stunning! 😍 Best wishes for the rest of your marriage, I hope that everyone who doubted you feels bad for it, seeing how well it has gone for you! x

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  2. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary and here’s to many more! I would love to be with my family in Italy someday. Gorgeous photos and what an incredible dress! You speak the truth about love and marriage (:

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  3. Oh my goodness girl this is stunning! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous, and you look so happy. Wanted to say thanks for following my blog 🙂 Also your ombre/balayage in your profile pic is so nice, I love that fade to the ashy blonde x

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    1. Ah thank you so much – it really was the most wonderful day! No problem at all, looking forward to reading more from you 😊 Thanks so much for following my insta – I’m going to follow you on my blog specific one too xxxxxx


    1. Ah thank you so much!!!! That’s so good to know you don’t feel different either, it so weird isn’t it! I know I absolutely love that too & I love wearing my rings! Thank you so much for reading and commenting ❤️ xx


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