Rome Travel Diary – Day One

If I could Travel forever I would, getting off a plane and smelling the air of a new country, with its promise of new experiences, different cultures and History fills my soul like nothing else does.

We flew from London Stansted & our flight was 06:25 which meant we had to be at the airport for 04:25… this bitch needs at least 8 hours sleep to function… I had coffee, lots of coffee and started the day.


The flight was only 1 hour 30, which was amazing as I hate flying, I am terrified of it, so the quicker we are back on soil the better. We booked priority seats so we got on the plane quickly. We were also the first seats on the plane so we got off quickly too! For Β£60 extra it is so worth it!

We had to wait around an hour for transfers from the airport, which isn’t great but much cheaper than getting a taxi!

The transfers bring me to my first fuck up of the Holiday… I left my iPhone on the coach… 😫😫! I got to the Hotel, realised I was phoneless and my heart actually fell out of my anus… Dan called the Transfer company, they found my phone and I was reunited with it about 2 hours later. In case you were wondering my heart is back in place and my anus is okay.

Our hotel was called Trilussa Palace and was in the Trastevre District (food hub of Rome). It was a 4* Hotel, the room was really big, with a living room and a balcony. The main highlight was the bathroom… the shower was HUGE – massive shower head and side shower heads to get all your bits… amazing!!

The staff at the Hotel were wonderful – especially the guys working the breakfast. Just wonderful.





Whilst waiting for my phone I had a nap, as I was getting cranky & I genuinely cannot cope with 3 hours sleep!

After feeling a bit more alive we caught the Tram from our Hotel to the centre of Rome and went to Piazza Navona for a coffee, people watch and chill out. It was absolutely beautiful there and Italian coffee is the one.




We then headed out to dinner to a Ai Bozzi back in the Travastere district and I had Monk Fish with Tomatoes, Olives and Capers – it was delicious!! I then had a Tiramisu for desert – my family know this is my favourite thing in the world. Every occasion they buy one for me ❀️

We headed home & went to sleep ready for full day of exploring the next day.

A x

8 thoughts on “Rome Travel Diary – Day One

  1. Those are som great photos, looks like you had a great time. I love travelling, it’s seriously such an awesome experience! I would’ve panicked knowing I’ve lost my phone! Glad your anus is okay hahahah. Hope to see more photos from you trip.

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