Polish’d Nails – Review

I have been searching for years to find the right Nail Bar – I want nails that last, don’t break, I want a relaxed appointment which it isn’t rushed and the technician takes their time, I want to have lots of options with colours and nail art….  and trust me this has been hard to find.

I hate going into a salon where it is rushed, just to get the next person in the chair. I always find my nails don’t last as long and the polish isn’t dried properly… I have just wasted money for a shit job. A lot of Nail Salons are like this though, I have tried around 6 in my local area, with them all being like this.

I found a place local to me, in one of the more up market villages in my county and the reviews were incredible. It was quite pricey – ยฃ45 for a full set but if it ticked all of the boxes mentioned above and lasted longer, I really didn’t mind.

I booked an appointment for a Full Set and a Pedicure which totalled to ยฃ90.

The Salon was absolutely beautiful, sheek and calming and I was the only person in there for my whole appointment, which was so relaxing.

The technician asked what shape I wanted, what colour and what design – said she could do any design I wanted… how exciting.

The procedure was completely different to anything I have had before – she didn’t use false nail extensions, instead she used a type of gel and built the nail extensions to the shape and length I wanted. I was absolutely fascinated at how she was doing it, it was amazing. The Technician then applied to types of gel over my nail and the custom nail extension and let them dry under the UV Lamp. Once they dried she filed them all down to the shape I wanted – no drills were used it was all by hand files which gave them the most fantastic shape.

I then had them painted to the look I wanted…

Thumb – Matte Pink

Index – Holographic Strip, Small and Big Gems, Clear Polish

Middle – Pink & White Ombre Polish

Ring – Pink Polish with Holographic Dust rubbed on

Little – Pink with a Sparkly Dust dipped on – rough texture


They look absolutely incredible and I am so impressed!

I then had a pedicure which was super relaxing & made my toes pink and sparkly!


This salon ticked every box and was everything I was looking for. Yes it was more expensive but the nails are now over a week old and haven’t chipped, smudged or even grown out. They still look brand new and much sturdier than a normal extension.

So impressed and will 100% keep returning!

A x


13 thoughts on “Polish’d Nails – Review

  1. I feel the same way, I want to go get my nails done and not feel rushed. I like to take that time for myself and relax, that gets totally ruined when the salon I’m in is a hot mess. Your nails came out beautifully, you can tell just by the sign outside that the place you chose is good.

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    1. That’s so true – it’s a bit of ‘me time’ that you can just chill out in! There are so many salons that are just rushing to get bums on seats – it’s difficult to find!
      Thank you so much & you really can tell can’t you!xx

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  2. These nails are insane! I feel exactly the same way and because I like to get my natural nails “styled” it’s always SO hard to find a nail bar that I trust enough to not rush the treatment and ruin my nails /: what area was this place in?x


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