Quick, Healthy & Easy Dinner – Salmon, Lentils, Rice & Veg

Hello & Welcome back to cooking with Chef Abby haha (I genuinely love writing these posts)

On today’s menu we are cooking a quick and healthy Salmon dinner… so here we go.


I am cooking for myself and Dan – so just half the ingredients for one.

  • Two Salmon Fillets
  • Rice ( I have pre cooked for ease)
  • Lentils
  • Vegetables (again I have frozen for ease but you can use any raw veg)
  • 1 Stock Cube (Fish, Chicken, Veg) I used Chicken as that’s all I had in the cupboard.

I always watch YouTube when I cook – catching up with Alfie there!

Firstly I removed the skin off of the Salmon fillets.


I then took a piece of kitchen foil and put it on a baking tray


I then added the Lentils to the foil, put some prepared stock on top and seasoned with garlic salt, pepper and chilli flakes.


Then I added the rice & more stock. The Veg and more Stock. Then Salmon fillet and the last of the stock.


I then wrapped up all the ingredients in a little package – leave small gaps for the heat to get inside the package…


Pop the baking try in the preheated oven (200 degrees) for 20 minutes to cook…


Take out & serve up…



There is minimal preparation, it is so easy, yummy and healthy!

Let me know if you want more cooking with Chef Abby, as I love writing them! 

A x

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