Sephora Mini Haul

As I was walking down the street I could see it in the distance, like a floating mirage in the desert. (I was so hot and dehydrated from the heat I genuinely could have been hallucinating…) it called my name in a sweet, soft voice and I instantly felt at  peace and knew I was home…
We don’t have Sephora in the UK, so as you can see I was gassed.

I didn’t realise quite how expensive Rome was going to be, all the trips, tickets and food soon added up and I didn’t have any Euro’s left for Make Up…  I cried into my sweaty hot palms until I realised….bitch get a grip it’s pay day get your Visa out….


Sephora – Lavender Foot Mask

My feet were absolutely killing me from miles of waking in Rome so I thought I would treat my poor, swollen feet to a little mask.


These were so refreshing and soothing on my feet – I will definitely re purchase for our trip to Disney World, as my feet will be knackered.

Kat Von D –  Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – Bow N Arrow 

We all know I love a nude and that’s what I bee-lined for whilst in Sephora…

I haven’t tried a Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick & this colour is beautiful, very similar to Dolce K by Kylie Jenner which I love but I do find the consistency of Kylie’s Lip Kits a bit ‘dodge’ – so this is the same colour but with a much better wearability to it!

I love this liquid lipstick. It is velvety and doesn’t budge. Well done Kat Von D!




Too Faced – Sweethearts Blush – Bellini 

My lovely husband brought this for me & I absolutely love it!! It is the perfect colour for blushed cheeks and has a lovely shimmery glow as well!

I have been using Too Faced Blush for a while – they are amazing – great colours, pigmented and easily blendable.


Has anyone tried any of these products? Or know of any other good treatments for sore tired feet? 

A x


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