July Favourites <3

I actually cannot believe it has been a month since I did my June Favourites… where the shit is this year going…!!!

Again, I am gonna break it down in categories:

  • Make Up
  • Food
  • Drink
  • TV
  • Books

Make Up

Make Up Revolution Luxury Powder Banana

I have a review post going up on this product so I will leave the detail for that but this is amazing… it is £5 and a brilliant setting powder.

Zoella Body Shimmer

This was amazing whilst on Holiday, it made my skin glisten in the Italian sun – such a good price, it smells amazing and looks great!


Muller Simply Bliss – Whipped Greek Style

OH MY SWEET CHILD. This yogurt is delicious. I am obsessed. It is light and creamy and just ahhhhhhh! It comes in coconut, strawberry and lemon and they are just incred. Please try it so you know want I mean!!!!


You cannot spend time in Italy and not eat Pizza.

Guys, Pizza in Italy is soul food… it makes you feel something and changes your god damn life! I mean I love Pizza generally but it is something else, it makes Dominos feel disgusting (and I fuckin love a Dominos). They are fresh, thin, crispy and packed with toppings. Just amazing.


Elderflower – any product with Elderflower

There is something about it… it is just so yummy and summery. I want it all the time. If I can’t find it.. it upsets me. I need it. I am a bit obsessed.


Game of Thrones

July saw the return of GoT… it is just so good. I am not going to say anything as I don’t want to be that girl that ruins it… but this weeks episode was one of the BEST yet! If you have never watched it… what planet are you on and you are really missing out.


The Dry, The Girlfriend, The Couple Next Door.

It has been the Summer of Crime/Thrillers for me and these are my 3 favourites so far. I will do some book reviews because they are absolutely brilliant but if you love a good Thriller then these need to be on your list!

What are you guys loving??

A x

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