Happy Boobs with M&S Bralettes 

Long gone are the days of tiny, uncomfortable, non supportive, as much cleavage as you can possibly muster bras and hello to the comfortable and supportive.

I am a size 36 GG, they are too big & I really wish they were smaller –  I have horrendous lower back pain and am so limited to clothes. I used to buy bras about 5 sizes to small from La Senza – UK friends do you remember that shop, what happened to it?  The bras were so uncomfortable, they rubbed and dug into my shoulders and gave me 4 boob issues – I thought my boobs looked flippin amaze though… clearly I was incorrect.

I got so fed up in Italy with them, that on the second day I had no fucks to give and decided not to wear a bra. It was the best day of my life. I was so free, comfortable and I skipped down the road, boobs swinging and knocking small children out as I passed and I have never been happier – the children not so much.

I got home and I just didn’t care anymore about them looking good. I just want to be comfortable and not have broken fuckin wires digging into my sides, I want to skip everyday of my life.

I went to M&S (I never would have dreamed of buying a bra from them before – thought it was dowdy and for mums) and tried on a whole bunch of bras that would support me, no wires and give me that fabulous, free & non suffocated feeling.

I tried on one of the bralettes in my normal size 14 and it barely covered my nipple… not the look I am going for so I went for an 18. My nipples were in & I just felt amazing. My boobs look incredible, they are supported and can breath.  My legs started moving independently from my body and I looked down and realised I was skipping around the dressing room.

There were only two designs in a 18 so I brought those and I will go back and check if there are more in stock in the other colours.

The bralettes were £9.50 which I thought was amazing.

My Boobs and I have never been happier.

A x

27 thoughts on “Happy Boobs with M&S Bralettes 

  1. Bralettes are the best thing ever! I love those and more comfortable sports bras. I’m a DD myself so it’s difficult even for me to find comfortable bras in my size. These look super cute though! x

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  2. I’ve been obsessed with these at the minutes !! I saw a bunch in Primark and went a bit overboard but they’re the only things I’ve been wearing because they’re so pretty and comfortable, I’m thinking of ditching bras completely because I hate them hahah, I’m definitely going to check these ones out too! They look so pretty .xx

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    1. I NEED to head to Primark to check out there’s as well!!! I literally have thrown my bras out to the birds – they are so big they could be used as a bird bath??
      Definitely go and check them out – they have about 10 other designs and colours!xx

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      1. Hahahhah!! Honestly I saw them in Primark and they’re literally £2/£3 for a set including underwear so I was in my element! Had to buy one of every colour so they go with everything and they’re gorgeous! No more bras for me!! xx

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