Rome Travel Diary – Day Two

When on holiday you always need to start your day on a full hearty breakfast and a lot of coffee. Our Hotel came with Breakfast included which is always a plus, as you can fill up at breakfast, not buy any lunch and save some money!

The breakfast was good – a big selection of hot & cold food. Pastries, Cereals and Fruit!


As mentioned in the Day One Travel Diary, the waiters at the breakfast were wonderful & they even made us a cappuccino to go, with a little message… I actually think he had a thing for Dan – look at the nice message and the winky face he got.


With coffees in tow we got on the Tram to the Colosseum, very excited in anticipation to  finally see it – I think the Colosseum was the main reason we wanted to go to Rome, it is just an incredible piece of History and I couldn’t wait! Plus Gladiator is one of my favourite ever films! I just wanted to stand in the middle of it and recite his speech.

The Tram pulled into the stop & there it was… I was amazed at the size of it. It is absolutely huge!!


We went to get into the queue to buy tickets and was told it was 3 hours long…. it was also 37 degrees outside, I wanted to cry. We were then approached by a Tour Guide – I mean we were approached by about 100 but we kept saying no until we realised there was a 3 hour queue and with a tour you can skip the queue… saviours

We decided to go with the Tour Group that gave you access to the Arena Floor, meaning  we could walk where the Gladiators came out, and seen what would have been there view of the crowd. It was a 45 Minute Tour but after that you were able to stay in the Colosseum as long as you wanted to explore.

*Tip – if you go to Rome buy your entry tickets beforehand and you then don’t need to queue, those tickets give you basic access and are €12 PP. We did the arena tour and had a tour guide and it was €30 PP – which was definitely worth it. Either way, get tickets and don’t stand in a 3 hour queue!

We had to wait an hour for the Tour to start so we went and had a coffee with a view.


Apologies for the wobbly camera, however this is where the Gladiators walked out from and the view they would have seen. It is absolutely incredible.



This is underneath the Arena floor – underground where the Gladiators and Animals were kept before the event.


I cannot tell you how amazing it was to be in there – you could feel the History and splendour of it. One of the best things I have ever done.

We then headed back into the centre of Rome for an explore and to grab some dinner. We were walking around and as we turned a street corner, we were greated with this…


The Trevi Fountain… this to me is the most beautiful thing about Rome, every corner you turn, you see something magical – seeing this actually brought a tear to my eye it is that beautiful and so unexpected. Pictures just don’t do it justice.

We stayed at the Fountain for while just taking it all in & then walked around to find some dinner. We walked through lots of little alleys and stumbled across I really nice place with lots of outside seating down the alley – I love sitting outside, taking in the city and watching everyone.

The Restaurant was called l’archetto and had so many different kinds of pizza & pasta it was intense – it took us half n hour to decide what to eat. I went for a Smoked Mozzarella and Smoked Bacon Pasta – essentially Carbonara but a smoked version.


It was really really really good. I love smoked cheese. Ah it was just amazing!! Perfectly cooked pasta. Creamy smoked sauce. Crispy smoked bacon and loads of cheese!! YUM!

We then headed back to the Hotel but stopped to get some Gelato along the way… obviously. There are so many Gelato shops in Rome & they are all as good as each other.

I had Hazelnut and Pistachio and it was out of this god damn world!!!!


With a very full belly, extremely swollen and tired feet we headed back to the Hotel for a good sleep, ready to visit the Vatican the next day.

A x

17 thoughts on “Rome Travel Diary – Day Two

  1. I’m jealous. We didn’t have the chance to have a tour of the Colosseum, so was only able to take photos outside. But next time I go, I’ll take note of your tips. By the way, all pastas in Italy taste really delish! 🙂

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