Rome Travel Diary – Day Three

July 27th – Our Wedding Anniversary ❤

For our Anniversary we thought we would go and celebrate our marriage at the Vatican City – it seemed fitting.

We travelled from our Hotel to St Peters Square and joined a Tour Group – again like the situation at the Colosseum, we didn’t have tickets it was 38 degrees and a 3 hour queue so had no choice! Definitely get tickets online before you go to avoid queues and extra charges with Tour Groups!

We spent €50 Per Person to get into Vatican City – really expensive so do book beforehand.

We walked with the Tour Group for around 45 minutes before we went into Vatican City, so we were already tired and it was a 4 hour Tour once inside… The Tour Group had too many people in, the Guide took far too long at each piece of art in the museum and after about 30 minutes we broke away from the group. We then could walk at our own pace and enjoy the art without 40 people around us… much better.

The art was stunning, it was like nothing I have seen before and you felt so peaceful whilst there.



Absolutely stunning. We walked around the entire museum which took around 3 hours and finally entered the Cappella Sistina or the Sistine Chapel as we know it, which houses Michelangelo’s painting of The Last Judgement – which covers the entire altar wall in the Chapel. You are unable to take pictures whilst in the Chapel, which I agree with, it is an extremely sacred place and you should just stand, look at it and feel the splendour of it. It was absolutely incredible. It is worth going to Vatican City just to see that – you will see nothing like it anywhere else.

We left the Vatican Museum and headed over to St Peter’s Basilica, again the queue was 3 hours long, in 38 degrees un-relentless sunshine – so we decided not to go in but instead we will come back to Rome to see it.


We headed back to the Hotel for a freshen up and a rest – waking around those museums is hard work – you need comfortable shoes and light clothing. Oh also, when going to the Vatican you need to cover you shoulders and legs – it is a Holy place of worship, those rules need to be respected and you won’t get in!

It was our last night so we headed into Trastevere for some good food – we found this little restaurant called Osteria Pizzeria da Otello and I am so bloody glad we did!

The waiters were so much fun, they played music and danced around the restaurant, getting people to join in (although the couple next to us had a massive fight, were crying and then stormed out – so they didn’t enjoy it… too much Vino babes) and the most important thing, the food was out of this world good… I had the best pizza I have ever placed into my gob.




It was just incredible. I wish I could eat it every day for the rest of my life.

We then went & found some Gelato & sat out in the square taking in all the beauty, wishing we could relocate to Italy…



After a while we headed back to the Hotel for our last sleep…

A x

23 thoughts on “Rome Travel Diary – Day Three

  1. Omg you’re making me more and more jealous daily! These photos are gorgeous and make me REALLY wanna spend all the money I have to go there right now haha glad you’re having such a blast!

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  2. How exciting! I went to Rome in March, but never actually got to go inside Vatican City…the queue was ridiculously long and I had no idea where the start or end of the queue was! But amazing experience all in all. 🙂

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