Make Up Revolution – Luxury Powder – Banana 

A while back I wrote a post on High End Setting Powders – MAC vs Laura Mercier and whilst I think the Laura Mercier powder is absolutely brilliant, I wanted to try and find a Drugstore alternative, as the LM Powder is very pricey.

I trust Make Up Revolution, I think there products are great value for money and 99% of the time they deliver, so when I saw this Luxury Powder I thought I would start my search there.

The Luxury Powder is only £5 – which is just incredible.

Product Description:

Warm your skin with our new Makeup Revolution Banana Powder with this mattifying banana powder. With a hint of colour set your foundation and reduce shine whilst correcting redness and pink undertones. With a sieve to prevent clumping and ensure easy application make sure you shake the bottle before use.

I bake this product under my eyes, below contour line and forehead to keep my make up from sliding and my oils at bay.

This product is fab, it really does work and is a great alternative to the LM Powder @ £24 difference in the price tag!

I may well have started and ended my search here.

Highly recommend this product especially mixed with their setting spray. Make Up Revolution is truly keeping my Make Up in place all day.

Click here for link to buy

A x

*text in italics has been taken from the Superdrug website

9 thoughts on “Make Up Revolution – Luxury Powder – Banana 

  1. This powder is amazing, I had tried baking before this but nothing seemed to stop my concealer from creasing, this does it perfectly and doesn’t look awful on my dry skin! Also love their setting spray, its the only one I have ever used, I love it so I don’t want to purchase another and be disappointed xo

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