Pat McGrath – MatteTrance Lipstick Review

When I saw the promo for the release of renowned MAU Pat McGrath’s Matte Lipsticks I knew I had to own one. I was blown away by the beautiful shades.

I was there, ready to go when the release day came & I was lucky enough to get the shades I wanted, Flesh 3 and Deep Void.

Around 2 weeks later they were here and I was very excited!!

Just look at the packaging… how many other Cosmetics companies do you know that put this much effort into their packaging – I was blown the fuck away.


Inside the bags were millions of gold sequins (which I have kept, might come in handy) and another, small gold bag containing the lip stick.


The Lipstick casing is divine and really weighty, it feels like you are holding something special.

The casing is in a luxe Black and Gold, with a pair of voluminous lips as the detailing.

Deep Void

A seductive and mysterious deep purple…



Flesh 3

A pretty and alluring rose brown nude…



The feel of these lipsticks on your lips is like nothing I have used before – they really are absolutely stunning.

I have tried a lot of beautiful lip products but Pat McGrath has blown them out of the water, from packaging, casing and the product itself 11/10 –  bravo Pat bravo.

A x

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