Rome Travel Diary – Day Four

Our last day… we are already planning on coming back, it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

If we came back, we wouldn’t go in July it is just too hot for everything you want to see and do – however it is when our Wedding Anniversary is, so we didn’t have much choice this time around. I would also stay somewhere with a pool, so you have a place to come back and cool off in after a long day of walking.

For our last day we wanted to walk into the city centre and see the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps and the Shops.

Dan was absolutely insistent we went to the Pantheon… something to do with Assassins Creed (a Game), he talked about the flippn’ game the entire time we were in Rome & if I am honest I wanted to shove the game up his bum…

The Pantheon, like the Trevi Fountain appeared from nowhere and was much bigger than I expected it to be – it was breathtaking.



As we were up and about early, we got into the Pantheon right away so there were no queues to behold… thank god!

We then took a stroll up to the Spanish Steps and the Shopping area… must say that was a highlight – it was like a different city there, you could feel the money and opulence.





One day I will walk past a Celinè shop, be able to walk in and buy a bag…

We went into Sephora and got myself some lovely goodies – click here for Sephora Mini Haul Post  and we went and had our last coffee and people watch before we had to leave for the airport.



The flight home was fine, delayed by around 20 minutes but no big worries. It was only when we touched back into England that the other disaster I referred to in Day One of the Travel Blogs, arrived. My Passport wouldn’t scan at Border Control so I had to wait in a separate queue for an extra 30 minutes to get through… we then got to the Airport Car Park where my Car was and it had a flat fuckin’ tyre…. GREAT. We then head to wait an hour and 30 minutes for AA to come and sort it, we hadn’t eaten since breakfast.. I was grouchy, tired and I wanted my bed and my cat!

Once the AA came out & put my safety wheel on, we had to drive over an hour home at 50 MPH… on the M25 (busiest Motorway in the UK) – nightmare.

We stopped @ McDonalds down the road from home, got home cuddled the cat and ate McDonalds in bed.

What an end to a Holiday.

I loved Rome & I will be back!

Hope you enjoyed reading these as I so loved writing them!

A x

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13 thoughts on “Rome Travel Diary – Day Four

  1. Isn’t the Pantheon just amazing?! It’s so frigging big, it blows my mind how they managed to build it haha. Shame about returning home to a flat tyre, thank Zeus for the AA 😉

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