Beauty & The Beast Afternoon Tea – Sugar Boutique

For my mum’s Birthday I booked for us to go to a Beauty and the Beast Afternoon Tea at Sugar Boutique, a quaint Cupcakery in Knebworth, Hertfordshire. My mum’s Birthday is in April and I couldn’t get a reservation until August, which shows the success of this special themed Afternoon Tea.

The British love an Afternoon Tea (any excuse for us to eat cake and sip tea) and it is a ‘go to gift’ for our loved ones. As an avid lover of AT I have had multiple experiences and honestly, they rarely differ from place to place… lovely cake, scones and tuna sandwiches!

When I saw a Beauty and the Beast themed AT it immediately enticed me, what a great idea to take something classically British and mix it was Disney… genius. It has breathed life into the classic Afternoon Tea and saved it from being something potentially repetitive to a new, exciting and unique experience.


We arrived just before our reservation, which I am really glad as the beautiful boutique cupcakery had just been set up for their guests but no-one had arrived yet… perfect for taking pictures of the stunning lay out.


This was a table set up for a party of 4 and it looks absolutely stunning and our table for 2, equally beautiful was set up like this…







Mrs Potts. Chip. LumiΓ¨re. Cogsworth Biscuits. A Rose. GREY STUFF (it really was delicious). I was in Beauty and the Beast heaven…not to mention the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack playing in the background, I was struggling with the decision to stuff my face with grey stuff or sing at the top of my lungs!!! Either decision I was one happy, Disney loving girl.

The savoury course was different to the Classic sandwiches you usually receive at Afternoon Tea, instead we had a delicious croissant with ham and cheese, mushroom vol-au-vent and camembert, such a refreshing change to the normal sandwiches.


There are only 3 tables in the Sugar Boutique so you receive an absolutely brilliant service, a service LumiΓ¨re would be proud of! You don’t feel like just another table, which you sometimes do at one of the London Hotels.

It was an absolutely brilliant experience, the layout of the Tea, the special Beauty and the Beast props, the delicious food and wonderful service… I will definitely be heading back to try more of the Sugar Boutique’s genius and unique Afternoon Tea experiences.

Thank-you ladies!

A x

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