MUA – Glow Beam

I am living for the glow at the minute…  I cannot get enough. Someone recently said to me ‘You are wearing quite a lot of highlighter today‘…  No.1 you can never wear too much highlight and No.2 stand in my shade if I am glowing too much for you babes. Am I right?

I really love the idea of a loose Highlighter Powder & Kylie Cosmetics version looks insane but it always sold out. I have been hunting around for an alternative & happened across this little bad boy in Superdrug…

I have never tried MUA Cosmetics but it was £4… I mean that is brilliant, so I thought I would get it and baby girls…I am impressed.


Look at that… LOOK AT IT. It is £4 & it is GLOWING.

I love it. Move aside Kylie Jenner with your overpriced, always sold out highlight and look at this £4 beaut.

Click here for link.

What does everyone think of loose highlight?

A x

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