Charlotte Tilbury – Hollywood Lips Review

I absolutely love Charlotte Tilbury’s products, especially her lipsticks…and Glastonberry in the Matte Revolution collection, is one of my favourite Lip Products EVER.

When I saw she had a collection of Matte Liquid Lipsticks, I knew I had to try one!

I wanted to try a colour like Pillow Talk, as everyone raves about it and the shade Show Girl looked pretty similar (you use the Pillow Talk Lip Liner with Show Girl) so that is what I went for.

I ordered the Lipstick on a Thursday and I received it on Saturday morning!

The Lipstick came in a beautiful box with an envelope full of samples… LOVE IT, however it also means I will want to spend more money and buy all these lipsticks…  well done CT well done!


Like all Charlotte Tilbury products the Lipstick is in a beautiful rose gold packaging which looks stunning.

Swatch of Show Girl which the Charlotte Tilbury website describes as: ‘Natural berry liquid matte formula’ 6176649008_img_0728

On Lips it looks like this and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!


The defining feature of this Liquid Lipstick is the application wand: ‘Genius crescent applicator mimics the natural curve of your lips, contouring them easily. The radius of the applicator perfectly following your lower lip & the thinner, upper part of the applicator created to makeup and define your upper lip.’


This wand is incredible I have never had lipstick that goes on so perfectly and completely covers the curve of my lips. As she says…Genius.

The product it’s self is a bit like the NYX Soft Matte Cream, one of my favourite lip products, it is so silky and smooth! However, what is the one thing you want from the NYX Soft Matte Cream?? It to last and not have to constantly re apply! Well I applied the Show Girl once in the morning and it lasted ALL DAY. It is NYX Soft Matte Cream on acid.

I will be repurchasing this lipstick again and also trying out different colours, it is one of the best lipsticks I have ever purchased.

A x




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