Anti Haul – Collab With Happiness in Lipstick (Cass Passmore) 

Today I am collaborating with my beautiful friend Cass from Happiness in Lipstick, check out Cass’ blog it is incredible, her reviews on products are honest and real and her taste in Make Up and Skin Care is fab!!

We decided to do an Anti Haul (Things we will not purchase) as there is a whole load of fad products & overrated products out there that we will not be purchasing – make sure you head over to Cass’ Blog to see her Anti Haul list!

Anastasia Beverley Hills – Subculture

This palette just doesn’t do it for me – I feel like Modern Renaissance is the bigger sister that gets  1600 on their SATs, goes to an Ivy League college, then graduates from Harvard Law and little sister, Subculture cannot live up to that….

The reviews I have seen on YouTube of this palette are bad & even some of the best MUA struggle to make it look good… 

Saying this… Cass did a post on this recently and the swatches look really good and on her it looks fire. 

In just don’t know if it’s worth the risk???

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

I’m just not feeling the Shade Story & I won’t use half the shades. If I am spending good money I want to be able use every shade in the palette.

Black Skin Mask

Why the fuck would I want to put a black tar on my face that pulls out little tiny worm creatures from my skin… just look at that picture. No thank you it is gross.

Foot Mask

Again… the pictures of these products make my skin crawl. Just go and get a pedicure.

KKW Contour Stick

I was really excited when I saw KKW announce her contour kits… she made the contour what it is today, with her beautiful flawless skin, chiseled cheek bones and nude lips… she is contour so one would assume she would bring out a game changing product right…???

Wrong… this product is tiny, the little nubs snap off and the colour range is not vast enough….

It’s expensive & shit.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea

What is special about this palette… it just looks so bland to me. Like there’s no soul to it. Just round and beige. There’s no beautiful popping shimmery gold colour??

Compare it to the Urban Decay Naked palettes which also has a neutral, transitional shade story but there are different tones… this is just beige.. I don’t want eyes that look like a loaf of bread.

Silicone Beauty Blender

 All I have to say is this… I don’t want to slap a silicone boob over my face.

Am I being too harsh on these products? What is everyone else’s thoughts?

Don’t forget to go and check out my gurl Cass’ post 💜

A x

20 thoughts on “Anti Haul – Collab With Happiness in Lipstick (Cass Passmore) 

  1. The last part of your post about the silicon beauty blender made me laugh!! I actually purchased one and it really sucks!! I actually did blog post on that vs the LOREAL beauty blender…guess which one I went with. Also I can see what you mean about the Tarte palette, the outside casing is really pretty, but the shades are just all neutral looking just like almost every other palette out there. I feel you pains. Awesome post!! ♥

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    1. Ahhh I’ll have to check that post out – I just don’t understand how it can truly blend into the skin when there is no texture on the blender???
      The tarte palette casing is stunning but I feel like the put all of their WOW into that and not actually the shades… it’s just so basic.
      Thank gorg and thanks for reading 💜

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  2. Anything that peels or extracts makes my skin crawl.. yuck! Love the brutal honesty with the palettes though, I don’t know if they’re worth purchasing either. xx


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