How I Clean my Make Up Brushes 

What a fun Saturday task… cleaning my Make Up Brushes. They really needed it, especially after my Cut Crease attempt with the FunFetti Palette (Click Here for Post) … they were packed with Eyeshadow.

I also suffer with spot prone skin and dirty brushes = breakouts! If you suffer like me, make sure you clean your brushes regularly.

As I started cleaning them, I thought I would share how I do it & find out if there is any easier, better way from you guys!

I actually really want that device, I keep seeing it on Facebook, you stick your brush into a machine it spins it really fast to wash it and then again to dry it… how easy is that? None of this hunching over my sink, creating a weird painting as you flick brown fuckin water up the walls… not what your bathroom should look like…

Anyway – my routine is pretty simple

  • I have a little silicone facial cleansing pad that my wonderful Sister in Law gave me – link to buy/see here.
  • a Decent Shampoo
  • a Decent Conditioner

I squeeze shampoo onto the cleansing pad and rub my brush into it, get all the make up out – rinse it and repeat until all the product is removed and the brush is clean. I then add a tiny bit of conditioner to the brush, so that it stays smooth and not brittle and rinse it out! I then space them on a towel and leave for 24 hours until dry.

Viola..clean brushes!

Are there any special products anyone uses? A different technique? A way to dry them quickly?

A x



23 thoughts on “How I Clean my Make Up Brushes 

  1. I wash my brushes about once a month, but I really need to get in the habit of doing it more. My goal is to wash them once a week, but I always end up getting lazy. I’m working on it. I just clean mine with shampoo, and it gets the makeup off really well.

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    1. I know I tend to do mine once every 3 weeks & I would do it more but because the brushes are all out of action for a couple of days, I have to time it right and wash them on days I won’t be wearing make up!
      Ah glad shampoo works well for you too!

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  2. Great post!! I think you read my post on how I clean my brushes and I don’t really think you need all kinds of soaps & conditioners and what not really. Although that machine sounds pretty cool, but I don’t mind the way I do it, plus it gives me something to do.


    1. Yes I did read yours & I love seeing how other people look after their brushes. I didn’t used to use Conditioner but some of my brushes would start to snap and feel very dry and brittle – adding conditioner to the brushes really helped with that & I haven’t had to replace them as quickly, they aren’t cheap! ! Thank you for reading and commenting !

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