New Look Glow Highlighter Stick Review – Collab with Jess from Little Blog of Make Up

Today’s post is a collaboration with the beautiful Jess from Little Blog of Make Up, please go and check her out. Jess’ blog it’s dedicated to all things Make Up… what’s not to love about that?

We decided to do a post on recommendations, Jess recommended a product to me to review and vice versa – so head over to Jess’ blog to see what I recommend & her thoughts.

Jess recommended (I have said recommended to many times now) a Highlighter from the store New Look. Now for those who don’t know this store, New Look is predominantly a clothing store but also sells a small amount of home wear and make up.

New Look is probably my favourite clothing store & I would say 80% of my wardrobe is from there. The prices are great, the clothes are beautiful and the sizing is the best you can get from UK high street stores. Not like H&M… 😑

I have never purchased any Make Up from New Look, it’s just never crossed my mind, like I said they are a clothing store and not Cosmetics so I assumed the Make Up wouldn’tΒ be that great. When Jess suggested New Look make up, I was sceptical and didn’t have high hopes but I was also excited to try something new.

The Product

Glow Highlighter Stick – Β£4.99

The packaging is really pretty- it is a simple gold casing with black writing, I like the minimalistic look of it. So far so good.

The Swatch

Shut the front door… that is just one swipe of the product along my arm… I mean I have purchased high end highlighters that don’t have that much glow and this was a fiver.

It is so lovely and creamy that I’m not only going to use this on my face. I will swipe across my collar bone when I’m on holiday for some extraaaaa POP!

This is amazing.

And that’s not all…. it was 2 For 1 on all cosmetics in New Look (which I didn’t find out until I was at the till so I had to make the quickest decision in my fuckin life…)

New Look Super Matte Liquid Lipstick – Greige – Β£5.99

I haven’t put it on my lips yet so I cannot comment on the wearability of the product –Β I can always come back with a review on their Matte Lipstick if you like but this is a perfect autumnal shade for me!

Thank you Jess for opening my eyes to New Looks Cosmetics!!

Make sure you go and check out Jess’ post to see her review!

A x

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