Game of Thrones Season 7 comes to an End πŸ’” Did my predictions come true? πŸΊ

Beware of Spoilers… don’t read more if you haven’t watched!!

I cannot believe that it’s been 7 weeks since I published my Game of Thrones Returns post… seriously where does time go??

I am sat here in awe & actually unable to articulate my emotions… it’s not just a TV show, it is so much more and I’m saddened to think that nothing will ever compare to it in my life time. What a fuckin bummer. 

So what did I predict and did any of it happen…?

(Normal font was predictions and italics the commentary)

As a big overview for this Series I think we will see the fall of Cersei Lanaster & either Jamie or Tyrion will be the one to give the final blow (as per the prophecy) and we will see either Daenerys on the Iron Throne, with the end of the series seeing the White Walkers come over Wall ready for the final season.
Well the latter half of that happened & I think we have started to see the fall of Cersei however I actually think the ‘Valonqar’ (little brother) now refers to her unborn baby, the little brother of her lost children, and she will die in childbirth.

I also think there is something more to Sansa… she wants that Throne…!!

Definitely more to Sansa but not what I thought, she is absolutely incredible and that scene with Littlefinger was exceptional. Well done Sansa. Well done.

The lone wolf does but the pack survives 🐺 

Hopefully we will see the return of Sam and learn more about Jon’s parents and Ned Stark!

Well that definitely happened and even better than I could have hoped for – I just wanted to cry through that entire scene. I was so happy.

He is Aegon Targaryen… the rightful heir to the throne *CHILLS* 

How are D&J/A gonna do with this when it is unveiled?? 

Will Drogon become a Walker? Will Bran worg into a Dragon & that’s how he can fly?

Well it wasn’t Drogon but Viserion and fuck me, the shot of the night king riding him and the blue fire… AMAZING!!

Who is the Night King guys? That’s the biggest question.

Tyrion, Jon and Daenerys as the three headed Dragon and Bran is a dragon

Could still happen…

Well I am no Bran Stark and can’t see everything but I think I got some of it! All in all, it was the best season yet and I am blown away. All I know is that I cannot under any circumstances die in the next two years… I need to know how this ends. 

What did everyone else think of Season 7? 

A x 

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