Disney/Holiday/Life Update πŸ’œ

September has been a shit month, not only for my Blog but just generally & I am sorry I’ve hardly posted but my mind has been else where.

Dan and I were meant to head off to Disney on the 9th September for our dream holiday – that i’d been waiting for, for 29 years and we had been planning for, for 9 months. The Monday before we were meant to be leaving we were so excited,  counting down the sleeps and thinking about what we would be doing on our first day and by the Tuesday Irma arrived and we weren’t sure we were going – our emotions did a 180 flip.

I cannot tell you how shit it is going to work on a Monday when you should be on holiday… we then had to wait 7 days, with hopes of them rescheduling us to the following weekend, for them to tell us it was fully booked and we should cancel and get a refund… 

We have now re booked for next April and have both come round to a positive way of thinking… fucking took a while but we are there now. If we had gone a week/two weeks later we would have lost all of our ADRs that we booked 6 months ago & it wouldn’t have been the holiday we planned for – in April we can re plan for the dream holiday πŸ’œ

We both said we cannot wait until April to have a holiday, we are knackered and emotionally drained from it all so we booked a last minute trip to Cape Verde, the African Carribean, where we plan to do nothing but sunbathe, read, eat and drink – which right now sounds perfect.

We are staying at the Riu Karamboa, for 11 nights from Friday 21st and its looks beautiful.

I’m still going to vlog and write Travel Blogs & get back to my normal blogging schedule when I return. 

Thank-you for being patient with my vacancy and I’ll be bringing you wonderful travel and beauty content asap! 

We will re start the Disney Count down from now… 215 Days.

A lesson to be had guys – never over plan because a hurricane will come and shit all over your plans. 

A x 

21 thoughts on “Disney/Holiday/Life Update πŸ’œ

  1. Chin up lovely, like I said before – better to be safe than sorry. Even though you’ll have to wait, you’ll have a much better time there in April and you still get an extra holiday out of it, so think of it like that!! It’s really weird because I’m going to Disney in October and Cape Verde next July – great minds thing alike!! ❀️xx


  2. I’m glad it still worked out ok for you! You’ll have an amazing time in April and enjoy your trip to Cape Verde, you deserve to relax for a bit! Such an awful thing to happen but April will come before you know it and will be AMAZING!! ❀️❀️

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  3. I just came across your blog Abby, and I just want to say that although this must have been utter sh*t to experience, you have actually had a lucky break here!
    We went to Florida in April 2013 for our honeymoon, then mid-September 2015 for my 30th. April was bright, hot sunshine everyday – it was amazing! September was HOT, but cloudy and soooo muggy. Like can’t even breathe humid. The humidity was 90-100% every day, with threats of thunderstorms all day everyday (although sadly it didn’t storm once – that would have broken some of the humidity!) When I checked the typical weathers for those months I found that September is normally exactly like we experienced, and April is again, exactly as we experienced. Suffice to say that we said we would never go in September again and we plan to go back next APRIL. And we will play it safe with April for the rest of our lives! Lol! Honestly, you e just upgraded your holiday experience – so congratulations! Lets face it, the first trip to Disney has to be the most exciting thing ever. As someone who also waited for 29 years to get to Disney, I am so glad that my first trip was April weather as I will always remember Florida as this bright, sunny, happy place.

    Anyway, I’ll stop babbling! As I said, I’m new to your blog but couldn’t read this post and not tell you from experience that April is at least 1million times better than Sept! Haha! X

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    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for reading and sending me this message πŸ’œ I really appreciate it.

      Yes, it was horrible to have been so excited but then not able to go but if we had gone, we would be back already and I still have the excitement of getting ready and planning it all again. Last time planning we didn’t get some of the reservations we wanted, so hopefully we will this time & it is my 30th next year so we are going to celebrate that as well 😊
      Thank you so much for this message, it was so kind. Disney fans are the best πŸ’œ


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