Pandora Disney Collection °O°

I have been waiting YEARS for Pandora to realease a Disney collection & finally it is here and it is everything I expected.

The collection was released today and it would have been so rude not to go to my local shop & have a little gander and whilst I was looking, it would have been even ruder not to buy something… right??? 

The collection consists of Charms, a Bangle & a Disney twist on the original Bracelet – little sparkling Mickey Mouses on the clasp.

The Charm collection consists of Original and Petite charms, focused on Minnie & Mickey or classic Disney Princess – mainly Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and a little bit of Frozen. I am hoping that more Princesses are put into the collection… The Little Mermaid & Mulan please!!

As with all Pandora Charms they range in price – starting @ £15 for a petite charm to £80. 

I went for the Disney Moments Charm Bracelet and Minnie Ears Charm

I absolutely love it & cannot wait to build the charms ( I especially want Mrs Potts and Chip *hint hint Dan*) 

Click ohere for the whole collection 

What do you guys think of the collection?

A x 

31 thoughts on “Pandora Disney Collection °O°

  1. Oooooh exciting!!! Aurora’s godfather’s family always buy her a pandora charm for the bracelet they bought her for her baptism…hopefully they’ll see this with s little nudge from I 😂 xxx

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    1. Ahhhh I hope they get her one, it was so hard to just limit myself to one Charm!! I am pretty sure I didn’t see a Sleeping Beauty themed one, which would have been perfect for her but there were loads of other beautiful ones!xxx

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      1. She is massively into Tink/Peter Pan and Frozen so I think there will hopefully be some scope there. May have to pop into Pandora tomorrow and have a look ☺️ xxx

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      2. She loves Anna, mainly because she can say her name 😂 and Sven…but I think she’d appreciate anything Disney. We went to town on the Cath Kidston x Peter Pan collab 2 week’s ago. Christmas has never looked so good in the Brooks household 🙌 xxx

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      3. Me too, I think this one will be more special as Rory knows a lot more of what’s going on now. I can’t wait. Nothing more magical than those two things…well maybe Harry Potter too.
        I’m just annoyed CK don’t do men’s 😂 xxx


      4. That is a good shout! You never know, she may listen. 😂😂😂
        Just finished re-reading the HP series. Can read and re-read them over and over again xxx


      1. I got mine in Pandora store at Florida mall, there are some that are only park exclusive but usually they’re the ones with the name of the park on. I have four that are park exclusive and eight that are now in the U.K. (The two for my cousin are the Minnie and Mickey Heads) definitely have to tell my auntie to make sure she doesn’t get them! xx

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      2. I only had one from Disney Springs, three from the parks and the rest were from Pandora in Florida Mall and Millenia Mall , my dad lives in Florida so he facetimes me when he sees stuff and I get it when I go to visit him 🙈 my fave is the blue dangle Micky hat! Xx


  2. OMG I’m so excited too! Pandora have had the collection out for years. I got the Mickey head in America in 2015 and another in Australia last year, but FINALLY it’s in the UK!! Yayyy!! Enjoy your charms!!

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