A Week With Hello Fresh 🌶 🥕 🍆 

Food is such a big thing in our house, we are both huge foodies, we love fresh vegetables & meat and don’t like repetition but we also have to have a budget… it’s really difficult to eat healthy, good food without breaking the bank and having a huge wastage at the end of the week.

We found recently we were spending so much money on lots of food, which we were wasting or we are getting bored of eating the same of shit… we needed to switch it up.

One of my favourite YouTubers, Mary from anothergirlslife did a video on using Hello Fresh and the food looked incredible, heathly and for a reasonable price. I decided to sign up and give it a go.

Everyday this week I will do a post on the meal I make but for now I wanted to explain a bit about Hello Fresh and what my delivery looked like for the week.

Hello Fresh is a subscription service that sends fresh food packages once a Week, with the subscription you sign up for the Classic or Vegetarian Box,  for 3, 4 or 5 Days and for either 2, 4 people or a family box.

The Boxes work out to £4.90 for a meal & you can choose the meals you receive through the menu – you can cancel or amend the subscription as you please (one week you may want 5 meals, the following only 3).

I signed up to the Classic Box, 5 Days and for myself and Dan.

This what we received:


Inside the box was this:


  • An Easy to follow recipe book
  • A Cool Bag with the Fresh Meat, Cheese etc.
  • 5 Bags including the ingredients for each separate day


The Colour of the Bag Sticker correlates to the Recipe Book – you can see the colour on the bottom left of the recipe page. You can keep them packaged and pop them in the fridge and pick the back out that you need.

Every Evening this week I will post each meal that we create, how easy it was to follow and most importantly how tasty it was.

If you are interested in trying one of these subscriptions then keep posted 🙂

A x



8 thoughts on “A Week With Hello Fresh 🌶 🥕 🍆 

    1. YES! How many different ways can you have a chicken salad right? I just had no inspiration and by the end of the week I had so much left because I’d rather a pizza than a piece of chicken and salad! This looks really good though, so hopefully it tastes good!xx

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