Blogmas Day 4 – Christmas Breakfast at the Wild Strawberry Cafe πŸ“

Happy 4th December Elves! 20 days until Christmas Eve!!!

what a shock abby is blogging about food again, but they say write what you know or what you love and that is food. Food is life and life is food.

I think Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, eggs, pancakes, syrup, Nutella and bacon… you can literally eat anything for breakfast and it’s acceptable. You see people drinking beer and having a burger at 6am in the airport and guys I’m okay with that. Live your movie.

One of Dan & I’s favourite things to do is try out new places to eat breakfast, so we decided to try the Wild Strawberry Cafe at our local Garden Centre/Farm Shop, Peterley Manor Farm. The restaurant is in a yurt (love it) which is something a bit different and we heard great things about the food.

About the Cafe

Our β€œpop-up” restaurant in the yurt.. The Wild Strawberry CafΓ©, opened in June 2014.Β Serving seasonal, homegrown, rustic food, world class loose-leaf teas, freshly ground artisan coffee in beautiful surroundings.

Homemade brunch, lunch and afternoon tea- all handmade using homegrown and very local ingredients.


This little yurt reminded me of a fairy hut, one that you would find in an Enid Blyton book – it was so cute.

Inside it was cozy & quaint full of fairy lights, ivy, wooden beams and blankets – I got all the Christmas feels.


For my breakfast I had, Poached Eggs and Smoked Salmon on Pumpernikel (what a word) Bread – a freshly squeezed vegetable juice and a hot chocolate. The good side of me wanted the juice and the bad side wanted the choc with the cream and mallows. So I had both. Seems fair.

The eggs tasted as if they had just been laid – which they probably had, as the yurt is on a farm and the Salmon was some of the best I’ve ever had! I really felt as if I was eating good, locally sourced, fresh food.

Dan had sweet potato & walnut bread with bacon, syrup and creme fraiche. Which was also delicious.


We will definitely be heading back here soon.

What is your favourite breakfast food & place to eat?Β 

A x

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